Saturday, May 28, 2005

haha funi nite (dumb) / hot chick b4 da last day of skul!!!!!

okok....its Saturday (pasar mlm time) i went there with some of my taman frends ler..we go round n round n round non stop...suddently my fren wanna go 4 a walk in da taman to gain some dumb xperience, den we all decided to we walk to tok crap (toking bout gals). OKOK while waking in da taman, we make some dumb noise n we wake up all da frekin dogs in da taman its was like in a jail surounded with dogs..hahaha.... we tok damn loud, laugh damn loud, tok crap non-stop!!! we also decided 2 wake da whole taman up but..malas lah no energy ler..hahah!!!!!!!!
some of me frends go buli some dogs!!! hahaha.... after roamin around in da taman at last we went out to pasar mlm...there i saw wuite a number of chicks ler..wahhh!!!!!!!! mataku juling man....hahaha!!! okok cut da crap...

well, on Friday, i saw 2 damn hot chick man...!!! oh man dey r like MISS UNIVERSE!!!!!!!! wow man..i dun know where da hack dey come from but i'm interested 2 know dem damn despretly......dey r like waiting 4 their brofrom skul lah dat time..i saw dem at da skul main gate.jkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjk@!!!!

oh man!!! rugi lah dat time i never tok 2 dem....haaiah....hahah!!!!!!!

Saturday, May 14, 2005

after the exams!

haaa at last exams over!! wuuhuuu...enjoy ler apalagi...hahaha...well my frends r planing to go to Penang at 1st...den see see my ader fren got a sis working in some big company which da company "controls" of all da hotels in penang n pangkor...soooo after thingkin where to go as last da secong plan is to go to pangkor!! we r stayin in a privite island man!!!!....90% off 4 accomodation..feri included,cab, and oso jet sking!!! haah da place is damn wuuuhuuu....haahahaha...welllllllllll but i wanna change da place of holiday ler...still xpensive $$$$ man!!!
well i wanna go to KL...wanna see gals lah apalagi!!! hahaha...but still nobody wanna go wit me (i think)....hahaha..
well if everything tak jadi wut to do....stay in eeepoh ler...haaaih....maybe go da lost world of tambun..hahah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

well...results r quite gud well..some r quite bad...mmm i'll improvve which da subjek dat i aren't satisfy gonna study like hell rite da mean time i wana go lepak oso ler..ehehe....

while exam!

haaih...exam exam!!! quite hard ler..strugle man!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but but but.....some paper r easy ler..

B4 exam!!!!!!!!! (Mid yr)

well....a day b4 exam i went 2 Jusco..haahha watch XXX 2/.//damn nice man...till i cant tahan ...i bought da cd...cekap lah da mowie....oso i studied lah..i studied till like 2 am...