Thursday, February 28, 2008

AHhh woooossshhhh...
Had the band practise for battle of the bands and for our IU DAy yesterday.
Was a good far so okay okay. HAHA.=D
managed to pull off "Meant to live"(Switchfoot) && "Perfect"(Simple Plan) we did our own version of yeah it went well. The first prac is just to bond with one another as every year i'll change band so yeah. only Theo was originally from my main band "Silent Scream" && "Crossroads" and FYI, Crossroads will be performin a gig like somewhere next month so stay tuned.
moving onnn...
competed in the 400m run and i got Gold..wooh0o0o
and guess what, ive got to re-run again next week.the !@#$%^!!!..cause 2 of the runners went to run for the sku...gahh pist..gonna get like bronze or silver like this...
and long jump...bronze.gah 2 yrs of gold and 1 yr of silver..and this year..dumb bronze..sighh
running the 200m and 4x100m tmr (monday) soooo all the best to me..LOL
the band from aussie "if angels were architect" playin this morning..ahh the vocalist's a chick! HAHA.ahh not a rock band its like hmmm indie slow moderate and but very good sound projection.overall the band was great =)
and will be joining them to penang..wooh0o0o!! =D
and i just realised im FAT!!! gahh..need to go for DIEEEETTT DEEEIIITTTT...
*boink boink*

Monday, February 25, 2008

Im the next Barbiee!! =DDD
Gaya + MUtu + keungGulan = Kami =D

NoNsenseS iN aCtiOn =)

BerPosing =]

the kaKies with....errr..LOL

the KAkies =D

BapOk UniteD

the next DevaWoods ;)

My personal golf trainer...=PP

Read Our TEE =)

Looks err err forget it.HAHA!!!

JUst another Night of saKainess =)


Deva's back yoyo!! hahaa..examsss are overrr oh finally!!! =)) and I've gotten my MOral marks and I got 98%! HAHA! wooh0o0 well of course the Man up there helped. =P dumb essayss so hard and i didnt know what to crap and so i did and i got only one wrong me! HAhA.=p history ive got 78% ahhh BM 74% and othersss are soon to be releaved =D

The boy's baby's back but didnt had the chance to meet her soooooo yeah. well maybe when she comes back next month will be able to see her cause the boy really misses her and gahhh bee emoo yoyo emooo yess back to emoo. anyways, been busy practising for the gig coming up next month and will be going to Penang for youth camp will be featuring a band fom Aussie called "if angels were architects" haha cool name uh.=p and the vocalist's a chick. the music....hurmmm not really my type haha.=p
yesterdhay I skip church [sorry Jesus =( ] went to MC instead to attend some fair thingy organised by MC's interact club so everyone from every sku was invited. I went there to get inpiration for the Iu Day which is gonna be held in my sku it self. Had some meeting with the exco board from other skus disscuss discuss and yeah i got sone idea how to conduct and plann the event =) as u the event planner and also the performance director.
Back to my point, and in short, my friends were pastering me to join this thingy called "30 sec of fame" haha and so they put my name and i had to think hard what to do to impressed people and the judges? gah, judges laaa. 30 sec of fame the people jadi judges lah dey..aiyo..oh wells, and i choose my song and i danced some pole dance thingy and some dirty dance + a sexy crumping haha!! gahh, feels so good to be back. =p and i rawked the crowd like wooh0o0o!!! got more woooh0o0 -ing then the bangra team.haha how cool is tat? =p
and so i won! haha.=p
after the event went to the mall and took some poser poyo pics =D
this week....
- gig performance practise
- rugby , track and field training
- homeworks (dang!)
- study
-sleep sleep sleeeppppp (i need alot a whole lotsa sleep)
- lose weight =p
-miss her <3

Saturday, February 16, 2008

I is sickkk....
yeahhhh, Devaraj's sicccccck.. LOL.
Been skipping schO0l for 3 whole days straight last week.
wonder where I got my fever from arghh...
been lack of sleep these days, thats the prob.
1st and 2nd day of CNY been working back at Lost World, yes yes still as a lifeguard :)
Beach party till 3-4am woke up around 8-ish for church as im playin for the combine service, after that went JJ to hang out LOL.whole day hung out =D
next day SICK!!!! =(
today, i ain't got any mood at all, all ineed is my throat to stop aching and i need sleep.
gonna sleep in a few mins.ZzzzZZZzzzZZzzzz....
Miss 3 whole days of sKu and i felt really really double doss bad as my exams are like the day after TOMORROW!!! sei looo...
and i miss the Cross Country, arghh and i never miss it for any reason casue every year i'll get medal wheeee..not this year.gah..
That raps it up, exam's next week. so deadddddd...deaddd i tell yaaaa..

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Wishing you all a very blessed Valentine's Day =)
spread the love!!!!
love everyoneeeeeee!!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

It's the new RM50 =DD
(got this from tiffie's blog)

Kotexxx + McD ice cream = I'm Lovin it =DD

me.hamsap.emo des


Vein ver.2


happy valentine's..LOLL!!

sakais acting gangster

IM backk!! =)
sorry for the late update, been busy with stuffs like my training,sku,hanging out =p, bla bla blaa..
skipped sku again today after a week, had a very bad fever and sore throat and bad migrane crap. went training yest, was great! =) had fun. and i beat the sku track N field team.hahaa! sku team sucks! =p beat them in 200m(2nd),400m (2nd), long jump n triple jump but im too late to submit my name for the sku team.ahhh what to announcement no nothing. quited track and field last year after the best batch won everything cause after that batch there's no chance we can win again LOL. my team on 2006 && 2007 kicked butt in the state..wooooo this year...hahaha..will pray for hope =D

moving on,
Chinese new year was.....hurmm was just so soo compared to previous years..
its not that really happening anymore..people dont really like open their hse and celebrate with friends followshipping and family gathering's getting lesser.
and so is my "ang pao" gah, it got so much lesser haha.oh wells, i did hang with my friends at the malls, went visiting, =)
met some friends which i hardly see.
and some of my mom's side came up to Ipoh.met them and some of em changed..sighh..
oh wells, people change.
ooo yeah, i worked on the 1st and 2nd day of CNY.haha was great working.=p
lifeguardd.wheeee. miss working miss my friends there =) was great to be back again.
on saturday, went for a beach party for CNY..ahhh, wasn't really up to expectation.only after 12am its happening. me and my lifeguard friends had so much fun playin water.LOL
went back at 3sth in the morning and the next day im playin drums at chruch..gosh was soooo sleepy.LOL after church went to JJ hang out with some friends..didnt really got the mood to, so i ditched up =p=p
and went walk on my own and met some other friends hang for while =D

OHH, one more thingy =p
yest in sku, as you all know im the monitor for my class.=p=p
and whenever the teacher enters the class i'll like ask the pupil to stand as normal and said "GONG XI FART CHAI TEACHERR!!" then everyone followed hahaah.=p=p
was so funny.=p
and same thing when the teacher leaves the class..heehee

Tmr's Valentine's Day. =)
so spread the love yoooO!!!!
not only to your loved ones but to the ones you hate or to the ones you have ditched.=D

even when ur far apart =)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Will update soon k soon soonnnnn..really really soon...trustt meeee..heeheee..been busy busy and tireeddd..=))
hang in there dear readers!! =))

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

GAhhh sick!!
nose bleeded like 3-4 times yest..don't know why....
but yeahhh..had migrane yest..went to sleep after lunch..
the next day (today) had migrane cant wake up from bed continue sleeping like a pig..heehee.=D
woke up watched Euro and Road trip (gahh hawtt chickss!!))..haha laughed the hell out and mom was like "oi! i thought u sick?! still can laugh like dat??!!" then i pretend to cough cough.HAHA..=pp
Went to hang with Gary as he came back to visit us..okay not really to stop by Ipoh before leaving back to Penang with his family..will be celebration CNY at PG..=D

to all Cina peoplee.....wishin you all

p/s will update after CNY =)

Saturday, February 02, 2008

12 more days it's Valentine's Day...(sighh)
Next week's Chinese New Year...GONGGG XIIIII GONG XIIII!!! (ang paos baby!!)
2 more weeks, examsss!!! (danggness)
3 more weeks, concert gig performance...(wooh00o0)
28th...DEAD (LOL!)