Sunday, November 25, 2007

Deva && Tracy Sdn BhD...
Ahhh..another occupation to add in dring the holidays to earn extra cash =D
which is a......PAINTER..hahah yes yes painter.=DD
will be painting Tracy's door for 50 bucks, plus his another door at his another house..hahaha..
another 50 bucks i think..and YY's dad asked us to help paint his JY's room..ahhh cash cash paint paint.=D hehehe..
so me and Tracy will join forces to make their house a brand new painted one.

The cut...
ahhh the cut at my stomach, its still aching like mad..I cant sleep at night..i cant move properly..cant sit cant stand up properly...gahhh sufferingggg..

Thursday, November 22, 2007

poser at work work.=p

The birthday boi =) (everone signed on him HUAHUA!)
Arghh!! im fucking pist off....
ain't my day today...i've got fucked up customers in thr park..hard headed mofoss...
gosh im tired and im not in the mood..and she tought i hate her or something..come on lahh...
she called it off and when i acted like emo and cold and stuff she doesn't like suppose to be happy izzit after this thing? need some time lah dude...i mean come on lah..sighh even till now ive got feelings and injured pushing the shithead head hard headed customer..chiss..i slip and some screws at the slides scratched my bloody cut me DEEP..dang..i got to rush tot he first aid and dress the wound up..and at the dry park at the swinging ship, some uncle didn't like it when his son can't enter the ride cause he's not tall enough..he was pist at me..if his son dies who the hell is resposible..bloody day..chiss!!!
most of all, im tired as fuck..
no point thinking too much cause its fucking pist off nothin can be done.
so yeah..

yesterday was Daniel's bday..we celebrated the Lost World of Tambun Lifeguard way.=D
tied him up and threw him into the pool and toss and turn him around..hahaa..stripped him..
ahhhh...was fun!! hahaa..=p

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Its the holidayss...FINALLY..
well, I didn't really looking forward to it but more books for almost two months and no more waking up early for school wearing uniforms.hehe.Gonna spend this holidays to the max cause next year its SPM!!!!...aaahhh...BUMMERRR..
Moving onnnn...
I'm downloading "The Longest Yard" and "Lucky number Slevin" =D
gonna watch movies at a lil $$ =D
work work workk....yeahhh back to lifeguarding tomorrow till the 15th of Dec.
Gonna pump back my wallet with cashhh (CHING CHINGG) $$$

The Weekendss...
The Pong fam (Joshua,Unc.J & Aunt.Susan) , The Thien fam (Ps.David,Aunt.Carol,Caleb & Melody) and my "Ama" back at hometown Aunty.Chris came up to Ipoh oooooon....yesterday! (saturday) Sam and Jon from the Pong's could'nt come cause they've got camps and the other Sam and Tim of the Low's couldn't come either cause they've got something to do at youth sooooo..moving onnn, hope ur not confused bout the family tree thingy haha..if you are, then you is dumb dumb.HAHA! jkjk..
Mom took em to JJ, and then after youth i rushed to JJ to meet em..and my goodness, they were like DEVAAAAAAAARAAAJJJJ???!!!!! OH MYYYYY!!!! your hairr!! WAAAAHHHH!! YOU SLIM DOWN ALREADY UHHH!! WAHHH BERGAYAAAA OOOOO...UIISEEHHHH MANNN....
hahaha..i was like waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat????...=p=p
and was staring at Joshua, goodness, dat dude is taller than me!! babii..stil remember when we were in primary sku, we use to compete who's taller and run the fastest cause we were the top sku runners haha.=p
and and Ps.DaviD was like, WAHH LAOO EHHH, STEADY LAH KAU RAJ (they call me Raj so dont laugh kay! =p) haha..they couln't recognise me..haha..mannn, their eyes were popping out and mouths opened so big.HAHAHA..
brought em to some places where Ipoh has to offer, white coffee,chicken lice bertaugeh (LOL),
biscuits..and more coffee...and more food.=D
me and Joshua were talking bout our stuffs how things been going on and all..ahhh that boy changed mannn..hahaa..he's no more the crazy type that we used to be in our gang the DJDP gang.LOL. well, thats cause he's in a juv Christian sku.haha.still remember both of us made fun of girls and we had the loudest laughs you've ever heard.=p
had some fellowship with the uncles and aunties..yeah was great patching up with em.=)
Ps.david just graduated at the Klang Bible Sku.too bad i cant make it to his graduation due to some performaces rehersal..sad sadd..will be meeting him thou, when i come back home =)
They all stayed one night at my place so was great to see em and hear how are they doing.

Plannings for the hols.... work for 20 days, practise practise for a concert,workshop and performances on Dec..will be busy on Dec, will be going up and down to KL =D
and finally, CHristmas.....hahaha..wait and see alright. =)

p/s : pics taken on weekends will be uploaded as soon as i get the pics from Ps.David ;)

Friday, November 16, 2007

yes, im still sigh-ing...
its her that i still miss...
its her that i still love...
guess she ain't got feelings no more...
im no more a part of her life...
everything's gone..
cause i screwed up.

A catterpillar turns itself into a cacoon and then a beautiful butterfly which glows at night shinning through the way against darkness leading to the correct path.

Kupu-kupu malam ku...
ku tak akan melepaskan mu...
aku menyintai mu untuk selamanya..

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Went shopping today after getting my pay...
bought CONVERSE =D Black colouriee..
bought T-shirt....
bought jeans..damn it..
stoopid carrot cut jeans...
arghh!!! dang, promoter keep saying its nice its nice..when i try it out at the fitting room was nice but the fitting room light is dim so cant really see a thing so i tought was okayy was nice..and i got back home and tried it on..WTHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! bloody heck not THAT nice..arghh!!! should have bought the dark blue one instead which has more pockets and nicer..shittt lahhhhhhhhhh...
and i bought a crappy leather wallet..stoopid money stupid coins keep fallin outa my temporary wallet so i had to buy one..
im sleepyyy...i need my restttt....
stoopid jeans..will dream of the dumb jeans...
and next week gonna start working again..=DD
gosh was smiling all the way when i got my pay today..and guess what, i only left 10 bucks HAHAHA~!!! !@#$%^&!@#$%^&*@#$%^&* hahahaha...

Ohh yeahhh..2 1/2 family will be stayin at my house =)
some family friend of us. back hometown from KL hehe..
soo yeahh..will be entertainin em with errr errr whatever there is to be entertained.hahah.=p

HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

To all SPM canidates, wishing you all the very best and dont worry cause Deva here will give you the answers to all the questions alright.=D text or call me when you're in the exam hall and you will surely FAIL =D
sooo, study hard and if really cannot do the questions then only tembak =D
so in conclusionssss,
do ur best, pray to God and kick ass!! =)
and dont copy!
be good bois and gals. be somebody in the future.
like me.HAHAHA!.=p

Saturday, November 10, 2007

CHurch Bumps =)
Elijah,Ding Dong && ME
DOing the leg folding thingy while listenin to the sermon =D

Friday, November 09, 2007

I knoww, but...
i still miss you...
i still love you...
wish time would to back..
wish everything could be reset..
wish this could end and we can start anew..
forget bout the past and continue like how we used to be..
wish you would come back...
the heart is yearning your name to come back..please come back..
as the heart is surrender to the dear Lord, all sins done begged for forgiveness and mercy from the above and want things to happen like how it used to be..
and He said, he'll pick up those who tremble and will call him his child. =)

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Life sucks life suckssss...that phrase been in my head for 2 weeks till now...aaaaaaaahhhh..
the Deva you all know might just have change, takes tim for him to you know, chill and get things back to the way it used to dont be suprise when u see dat jollly molly thing thang bla bla ble ble blu blu deva aint as dumb as lat time.=)
cause things changed. (results may vary)

Been missing all the school friendss..ahhh..
yobs..munyee.kumara.clearence.daph.steph.jyi choong.waihin.dhong dhong.etc etc etccc...ahhhhh..the gang i started hangging with when i wasssss in form 3.=)
all the fun..all the bday celebration..and free cakes.HAHA!

moving on...
a very very big thank you to the friends who called me during my "zaman kejatuhan" (falling ages) who comforted me..gave some advise...cared for me...etc YOUU!!....
Jessie a.k.a Dick && Finian, all the way from the east side.
Amelia && Joy, all the way not too far, from KL =)
Charis from Penang.haha! (curi2 online, webcaming middle of the morning)
Tracy, all the way from ipoh garden.(ipoh) =p
and the stupidest annoying always emo friend michelle from hong kong.haha.really appreciate all your advise and scoldings. =)
and the others who texted and msn and talked to me..ahhh cant tahnk you enough.=)

ahhhhh...last saturday was the best rugby game ive ever played.
was the man of the match! hehee..well i let it all out on the field.
ah but still our school got 4th placing in the state.
came back with an almost broken neck with whole body achingg.LOL.
thank God i was still able to go to church the next day.

DOnt knoeee...
well, i feel so lost right noww...
its the feeling where ur in a black empty hole and u dot know what to do..
ahh and all u can think of is life sucks..

and i love her....
and the feeling i had for her is still in me and dont think it will ever be replaced.
so yeah.. shitty??..NO!.
i still love her.<3
and hope things will be alright.
and you know, when things calm down and stuff, hope it will be back to how it used to be,
cause right now, deva's so dead without life.haha.
byebye bloggie..
byebye people..
and happy deepavalie to all who're celebrating and not celebrating, happy holidays and go wish ur indian friends laaaaaaa.=)

p/s : ahh might just not blog for a very long time..vacation mahhh..=)
a far far away long long journey to enjoy my vacation =)

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Its been a great whole 7 months with you.
Ups and downs, mountain over mountain conqured, yet without doubt I have never stop loving you.
You've been my only one in my heart and will be for eternity.
7 months will be wasted if the love stopped just like that.
all these while, you've been a pleasing and great companion which non can compare.
never will i forget the moments spent with you nor good or bad.
you've tought me lessons bout life and nothing can pay back what you've done for me.
making me realising what life is all about.
a good teacher as well as a good life partner.
never in my life have ever felt this before.
so loved,
so secure.
the blanket of the cold nights coverred my body,
the textbook of my studies,
the oxygen that i breath. =)
nothing can change how i feel for you.
tsunamiie, earth quake, flood,volcano erruption,when my house got no water, no electricity, when my wallet got stolen, when i woke up at the wrong side of the bed, when i got sunburns like anything, when i got nothing to eat at home except maggi me tomyam flavour, when my exam results are bad, when there's nothing to watch on tv except barney and even the whole world is turning up side down still i'll stand by you,
offering my hands to you picking you up from the ground and say, its alright, be strong cause im here for you and will never let you go.
though the heart is yearning, calling out your name right now hoping for a miracle would happen and hoping that things might be back to how it's used to be, the heart will never fail to stay strong and say i love you.
thank you for everything. its been a great ride and life is all about expecting the unexpectable as its gonna get interesting.
Happy 7th month anniversary Baby.

Friday, November 02, 2007
could it get any worst?
geezzz, it just sucked.
things you need desperately, been a part of your life suddenly just *pooof* gone..
gosh, trust me, you'll die.LOL. ahhh trying to make myself happy again..not workingggggggg...
she's my happyness...i swear she's my everything..
moments like this, i'll be with her. its confusing, i know. no matter what, im here for you.
seaking advice, decision to make....ahhh only she can do it. wise oh wise is queen of my heart.
where'd you go...sighh...
guess this is life...hardest part of it. i'll stay strong and believe that something will happen.
I love you. <3