Saturday, March 29, 2008

back backkk!!
been really really really (1ox10000000) tired these whole week gosh i can almost see the light HAHAH as in im dyingggg. =(
had ruGby training every single morning...after that class for like 1 hour++ a.k.a SLEEEEEEPPP! evening ruGby training AGAIN...well, dont usually go for the evening training but still im tirrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeedd. =( run here run there..woolalalala...drift drift.=p
and i've got tan!! like serious tan.dang it.i need whitening cream pls! KEKEKE
and ive got to practise for the upcoming performance..gahh!! tension tension. KL && Penang concert plus IU day which is in 2 weeks time!! DEAD!
no time to practiceeeee...and BABI!! listen to the songs laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...wanna rock but lazy.gosh.=p HAHA
concert not so bad cause cause we've been performing for like 2 yrs? HAHA we is rock MALAYSIAAAA =)
Last Night was the more crappiest tiredestest day ever..
evening, 2 rugby friendly games (draw 1, won 1)
night, debate
midnight, party!!!! xD
next morning, hungover half dead HAHAHA.=p=p
gonna continue sleeping nowwwwwwwww =)))

p/s : I miss Princess Cicak ='(

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Our class flag =DDDDDD

Sixer Army + Our class teacher LOL (im the one stickin out my tongue =p)

Sixer Army =) lol and me with the baju melayu ;)

The agenda =DDD
Wooh0o0o!!!! sportsss DAY's fun funfunnnss.=D
Though we didnt win this year but we got second place..but still okayy laaaaaahhh...
lost 6 points only..gahhh!!
and guess what!!! my class won marching!! yahoooOOWOOWW!!!!~~
class teacher was like so caring before the marching started gave us Kit Kat Chocos and some Zip Zip Chocoo.=p=p
and our class rawked big time =DDD
and there's the Milo van thingy so everyone suppose to have A cup of milo but i got like 6..7..8...9..10.. cups HAhA!! cause i took so many coupons from my class teacher heehee =D
and ate a hawt cup of maggiee mee..=)))) yuMMMM..
gonna get my 7 sports medal after holidays wooh0o0o cant wait =)))))

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Will be wearing that during my class' march pass..wooh0o0!!! we're so gonna win..=p
science six rawksss!!! we're the Sixer Army =PP and im the err err sign board thingy guy in front as the monitor =DDDDD

On Sat, went to Collinas its a football Cafe in Epoh and its owned by some footbal coach i know =)
been under the state team for 3 yrs and the coach Ipoh International School happen to know me so he invited me to his last day of the club being as a sports its gonna change into some high class eating place with a DJ plus a dance floor and a bigger pool table..hahas so no more football stuff around eh..saddd sadddd...

HElloww melloww dear rreeaderrrsss!!!! HAHAHSS!!!
sorry for not updating for for quite a while you all missed me..=p=p
been to penang the last holidays heeehe was really really fun fun!!! was with "Angels are Architects" a band from Aussie =)
Tomorrow's Sports DAYYY!!!! wooh0o0o!!!
our class flag's donee our class tee's here too..gosh man we're so gonna win this yr's march past..HAhAH.=DDD
had sunburnt since the Penang trip and today gosh more sunburnns HAHA marched for like 2 hours.=p=p
and im gonna wear a baju melayu for our marching thingy tmr =DDD
haahss as i wil be carrying the err errrrr "pelekat" the sign board thingy heeheee
and and dont dont dont forget to watch the vid i took down there okayss.=DDD
its composed on the spot and sang on the spot and its ORIGINALLY from Crossroads ;)
my band of course HAHAHAHASSS..=p=p
had nth to do and people around us are feeling emo and soooo we decided to sing for em to show em some love..HAHAHAHAA..=p=p enjoyy!!!!!
update soonnn...quite rushhy today..;)))

We composed this song like..likee 2 minutes HAHAAHAH!!!!! we got nth to do at church after forst service so this is dedicated to all!! =DDD
my band called the "crossroads" =DD
crossroads forever!!! ;)

Sunday, March 16, 2008

kaykayyyy i thought im gonna update today butt butt im lazyy!! HAHAHAHAH!!
and im sleepyy..been lack of sleeppp gahhh...been busy busy busy =((((
soon okayy hang onnn got quite a number of stuffsss to update ;) ;) hang on readerss...keep visiting alright..heeheee..

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Will be away to Penang till wednesday =)
stay tune for moreee woooooo =D
p/s DAP won like gilaaa, BN.....sighh kesian.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Presenting the i repeat THEE class tee for our most happening, mose sakai, most jakun, most babi, most cute,most sexy, and most of all most leng chais and some leng luis of class 5 sc 6 =D
delivery expected on the 18th of March one day before sports day =)

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

okay okay i might be a lil outdated cause the mowie's been out Aug 2007 but its like premiering
in cinemas this month haha! wooooo.
p/s : Nadia Bjorlin's hawtttt!! she the main cast ;)