Friday, November 25, 2005


wahola ppl!!!....~~~
wuuuuhhhhh long time no blog...coz malas..hahaha!!
oh yaya..ive been on9-ing,lepakin at home n outside,makan,sleep,do a lil study :P,etc etc lah during ma holidays....
kinda bored tough.. :P hehehehe
well, ive been listenin 2 rap,rock,metal music da whole week...:P hehehe
oh yaya, im looking 4ward 2 dis yr's Christmas!!!! hahaha!!! comon...left 1 month!! oh yeah!! n HUGE too!!! wuuuhhh! cant wait bebeh....hehe
well, here r sum graffiti ive made using 1 cekap webcite.. :P

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

trip 2 melaka.......

me went to las 2 weeks ago.. :P
4 practis...YA band thingy 4 HUGE camp on Dec...
i stayed there like 2nites....da food was superb....n would like 2 thk da ppl with their hospitality n care.... espicially Ps.Joan... ;)
n 2 my team....GBU!

oh man..i aint got no $$ 2 eat....(burger king) Posted by Picasa

oh man me tongue.. :P  Posted by Picasa

wasup gonna bom u guys...!!!!!!!!!! Posted by Picasa

oh mouth so big...bhind is an aeroplane... Posted by Picasa

kota A famosa jus bhind us.... Posted by Picasa

oi..lets bom da person in Milo... :p Posted by Picasa

me (tokin on da fon)....Jon..miki n michel.. Posted by Picasa

me n jon....jln merdeka........ Posted by Picasa

ship...... Posted by Picasa

me n dytona...i won man!!!!!!!! 3 times in a row... :p Posted by Picasa

team..... Posted by Picasa

jason wit guitars...wuuuhhhh....cekapp..n thats me on da rums-----> can c onot?...testing 123... Posted by Picasa

da church where we practis.... Posted by Picasa

Justin n da gang.... Posted by Picasa

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Kay eL.....

yahhoooo!!!!!! it goin 2 Kay eL bebeh....yeahhh... :p
dat nite went to PLanet SHakers concert!!!
most of my skewlmates were there.....n suprisingly, me meet da ONG SISTARZZZZ (SArah,SaBrina n SerenE).......wuuuhhh all da way from LABUAN man!!!!... :P
me lepak with them 4 while..chit chat...ask hows Labuan n stuff....oh man i really cant speak da Labuan slang already.... ahahhaa....and guess who i met? Theodore!!! wakakaka..... oh yea he's me childhood fren... :p he's in college sum other labuan fellars too..Aaron n the otherz

me meet da crew of Planet shakers dat nite...alot of them...wuuuhhhh...da ipoh PS band...haha we lepak 4while...oh yeahh i met da YA band too...ehehe
during da concert me lepak with me skewlmates....wwuuuuhhhh da concert rawk man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ive bought their limited edition T bebeh!!!! wakakaka.....cekappppp.....
while da band was playin i observed da drummer..wuuu cekap lah..
after the concert, me lined up 2 get da band's autograph but me was too late...haihzz such a long Q man den me join Theodore n da gang went 4 supper....then i went to his house lepak 4while wait 4 his house mate go berak 1st.... :P the mean time we kacau him beraking..wakakaka..then its like 12 sth am di..Koko Jon cum pick da car there's two human being from singapore...they attended da Planet Shakerz me bro bring them around KL...
we saw sum bapuks...:p hehe...c hows da nite life around KL...Kl quite hapening ah.. :p hehe
them send them 2 Sunway Tower (da place they lived)....then me n koko balik rumah n sleep.... --THE END--

Last Day Of Skewl.....

It was Thursday the last day of skewl......feelin kinda sad tough...haha coz will b missing all me frends....n teacherz...
well as i was in skewl, i enjoyed tokin crap with frends n saying goodbye,happi holidays, merry christmas n happi nu yr....
well, as the prefects were having their party...they had makan n water balloon man!!! wakakaka... well as i was peeping at them eating da delicious food...i was like..oh man...i asked 1 of me fren 2 bring 4 me sum..haha..ha took 4 me fried chicken wakakaka...wuuhh seeeeedapppp..... :p
then after a while i saw them planin sth but i dunno wut isit...then they started to throw water balloon at me man...wuuhh they throw da baloon among them selves...i oso kena...they all planed 2 kena kan me...dats y...haaihzz...they even took a pail of water n "siram" was sookin wet mann...
i oso water lahhh....wuuuu....was superb man...its like bathing..hehe..
i tought if im sooakin wet i cant go back home..oh man..if not da car oso basah..mati lah... cc after a while my clothes dried a lil....wuuuhhh.... ahaha
so dat was da last day of skewl....

Friday, November 04, 2005

Chinese Jew

An American Jew was strolling along China Town in Petaling Street and he was wondering if there were any Chinese Jew in Kuala Lumpur. Everyone whom he approached shook their heads and said "No!"

Feeling thirsty he went into a kopi tiam and asked a young Chinese waiter if there were any Chinese Jew to which the boy answered, "Wait! I ask Bossy."

The boy went to the back of the kopi tiam and talked to the elderly ah pek, presumably the owner of the kopi tiam.

After a while, he came back to the American Jew and said: "Bossy he say velly solly no Chinese Jews, but we got glape jews, apel jews, olen jews, tomato jews and pine apel jews."

Outside of tree...

Teacher: What is the outside of a tree called?

Subra: I don't know.

Teacher: Bark,Subra,Bark!

Subra: Bow! wow! wow!

Malaysian Hospitality

My friend Dol from the East Coast came to visit, and he was at the lobby lounge of the hotel waiting for me.Seated next to him was an exceptionally sexy black tourist. Dol wanted to show da lovely fereign lady our friendly Malaysia hospitality by starting a conversation.

Dol : Hello! I am Wan Dollah!
Black tourist : And I am one hundred fifty dol-lah!

Japanese Tourist

A Japanese tourist hailed a taxi at Ampang Point and asked to be taken to KLIA. On the way, a car zoomed by and the tourist responded, "Oh, Toyota! Made in japan. Very fast!"

Not too long after, another car flew by the taxi. "Oh, Nissan! Made in Japan. Very fast!"

Yet another car zipped by. "Oh, Mitsubishi! Made in Japan. Very fast!

The taxi driver, complete 100% Malaysian, was starting to get a little irritated that the Japanese-made cars were passing his Proton Saga when yet another car passed his cab right as they were turing into the airport. "Oh, Honda! Made in Japan. Very fast!"

The taxi driver arrived at the airport and pointed to the meter and said, "One hundred twenty ringgit!"

"One hundred twenty ringgit? Why so much?" the Japanese asked.
"Taxi meter! Made in Japan. Very fast!"


Hoh Khoo Hon wanted to take his family for a treat. He asked the children to pick the restaurant of their choice. "KFC!" they chorused. So he took them to Fatty Bombom's Kong Foo Chow stall in the corner coffee shop!

Smart Aleck....

There was this smart aleck who sent the following e-mail to his dad from his college in the US:

Dear Dad,

I am making lot$ of friend$ and $studying like nobody'$ bu$ine$$ and I am $imply $o happy $ince I came to the U$. $end my love and ki$$e$ to mum and my baby $i$ter.

Your $on.

The dad replied as follows:

Dear Son,

I kNOw that astroNOmy,ecoNOmics, and oceaNOgraphy are eNOugh to keep a hoNOur's students busy. Do NOt forget the persuit of kNOwledge os a NOble task.

Your Dad.

Bless You....

Teacher(to Standard One pupil): What's your name?

Pupil: Ah Choo.

Teacher: Bless you.

Ten Ringgit Bet....

Manan and Chandran met at the mall. When Manan said he was glad to see his friend, Chandran answered "How can you see me when I'm not even here? I'll bet you ten ringgit to prove it."

"You mean to say you're goin to bet me ten ringgit you're not here? Okay, It's a bet.

"Am I in Langkawi?" Chandran asked.

Manan answered, "No."

"Am I in Tioman?"

Again, Manan answered, "No."

"If I'm not in Langkawi and I'm not in Tioman, that means I'm in some other place.Right?"

"Well, if I'm in some place, I can't be here. Give me the ten ringgit.

"wait a minute, "Manan protesed. "How can I give you the money if you're not here?"


Dad Bring Me a Drink.
Little Boy Boy is sent to bed by his father.
5 minutes later...."Dad!"
"I'm thristy. Can I have a drink of water?"
"No! You had your chance.Lights out!"
5 minutes later...."Dad!"
"I'm thirsty. Can I have a drink of water?"
"I told you 'no'! If you ask again, I'm going to spank you."
Five minutes later...."D-a-a-a-d!"
"When you come in to spank me, can you bring a glass of water?"




Tuesday, November 01, 2005

oh yeah bebeh...look into de eyezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz................ Posted by Picasa
blek!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Posted by Picasa
the handsome guy is back in action!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yeah bebeh!!! Posted by Picasa

uh?! Posted by Picasa

wut u lookin at uh?! Posted by Picasa

oi! Posted by Picasa

me? is that me ah?.. Posted by Picasa

dats me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! jus took pic tis mornin...wuuuhhh..jus woke up.... :p Posted by Picasa