Thursday, February 26, 2009

Apple's farewell pool party (:

Back for the moment (:
Been thinkin for quite sometime now, been in the emo mode for the past few days .
My family's situation is still the same haven't been talking to my dad for like almost 4 years??
and now im freaking 18 i might just leave the house for studies sometime this year maybe next year and before i leave i thought of doing something to my dad at least talk to him and all so yeaaaa. another thing is that bout my further studies where the GEE im gonna continue studying LOL plan A has failed all in a sudden i think God's been blessing me with new record deals and interviews and more and more performances and shooting.
Just got back from KL on Monday had an acoustic gig at HardRoCK caFe and the next big thing is at Ipoh itself at the St.John headquarters, in conjunction of the Palestine and Gaza thingy LOL! something about world Peace. its this saturday 28th.Feb.2009 add fees are Rm18 time, 11am - late night.
Well, work does continue as usual which is lifeguarding (:
and during the night will be teaching music or i'll be writing songs and wasting time on the net LOL.
Been partying and hanging out most of the time on the weekends and also getting sick due to the lack of sleep =(
skipped work today don;t feel so so good sighh sad sad.

Monday, February 23, 2009

AHHH!! im SOoooOOOooo lazZZzzZZzzzy to update HAHA .
BUSY BUSSSSSSIEE. will updayyte ASAP. i pwoomise (:
at the mean time...MISS ME nyaahahaha XD

Thursday, February 19, 2009

I'M sickkk..
i'M tiRed.....
i'm pHucked up.

2 months till im off to Philipines (:

Friday, February 13, 2009

Dear Lord,
please let me be musically inteligent, musically groooooveeyy, musically rock n rollish, musically butt kicking, musically blendable, musically skilled, musically stylo, musically alert, musically ear/eyes/heart catching for the audition by Ker@boo Records. Give me the full confidence to play and to go with da flow rida. AMEN.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Whoever who gets tagged, has to write 10 things about the person who tagged him/her :
  1. She's small sized but has a very loud voice
  2. she loves music as much as i do
  3. she plays the keyboard
  4. she's a tecktonicaholic =p
  5. she's super funny && like to buat lawak gila babi
  6. she loves to do the tektonic dance
  7. she;s my shuffle partner whenever we go clubbing
  8. her looks are innocent but she's not (HAHA!)
  9. she;s cute when she;s emo
  10. she has big eyes O.O
  11. she loves PETAIIIIII
  12. she tak suka gedik chicks =p
  13. she freakingly loves converse as much as i do
  14. she;s a student at.....i forgot where =p
  15. she think she's 153cm tall
  16. she loves to sleep and eat like a babi
  17. ppl may mistaken her for a 10 yr old school girl =p
  18. she's crazy after 12am
  19. she's always happy go lucky

The person who who got tagged, has to write 10 things about herself/himself :

  1. Drummer
  2. Hot
  3. sexy
  4. macho
  5. handsome
  6. Crazy
  7. Smart only at times
  8. looks at the car or motorbikes mirror whenever i see one
  9. loves music so so so darn much
  10. a big fat ass PERASAN person (:

Here's the twist, if I tagged you, and you must write 20 things about ME, you can only take 5 or less from above. The other five or more will have to be from you.

I tag.....

everyone in my freaking blog list XD

More pictureSssSs of me performing and updates to be uploaded SOOOOOOOOON (:
*waiting for the camera peeps to send, soo the slow.
we rocked the crowd so bad till the pants HAhaH!! <3
people of the Ker@boooooooooo family (:

ahem sitting with the chinese fans HAHA! =p

minie minie minie (:

Influx rawked the night with their "gay' singer whish i fell in love with LOL!

east side musician baby *proudproud* they're so emo compared to us LOL! *cries

Sophie,Farah && Devass

YAHOOOOWWW, back (shhhhhh)
FUUH, been preeeeety busy with performances and work and of course hanging out with "kutu malam" a.k.a night bug. LOL!

a lil update on the music side,
Ker@boo gig was awesome it was on the 31st of Jan venue....Next to Yeanyean's house HAhAAH!! well the studio's next to house anyways =P

next IpoH big thing will be held on the 28th of this month at the PBSM place thing next to Bomba punya stadium...err errr around there lah HAhAHA! see a billion of people with indie poyo dressings..ahh that's the right place LOL!

and the very very next BIG BIG thing in the nation....SUNBURST baby!! wooh0o0 its a must to go and PLEASEEE comeee see us (:

ahemmm a lil rewind in the previous agendy was the Chinese New Year..
well ang paos....well it decreased due to me not going visiting to my friend's house LOL most of the time with family and work =/
well, it was awesome not to say like i regret not getting ang paos or wtv but its the company that counts right right! HAHA =p

Philipines concert tour is coming up, will be held on late May.
will be a 10 days tour playin in 6 cities,cant wait to go wooh0o0 !!

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Sunburst KL Music Festival is happening on 21 March 2009 at the Bukit Kiara Equestrian Club.

EARLY BIRD tickets go on sale from 20 January - 8 February. Prices: RM143 (Early Bird), RM203 (Presale), RM253 (at the door). Go to Axcess ticketing for details

Early Bird tickets are now on sale. The ticket hotline is +603-7711 500 or visit Axcess ticketing for details.

There will be 6 performance stages:

Sun & Sky Stage - international headliners and established local acts
Livesounds Stage (indoor) - showcasing the best local and regional acts
Tuborg Loud & Clear Stage (indoor) - showcasing the best local and regional acts
Speedzone Interactive Tour - features Formula 1 and Moto GP simulators within a club-like environment with DJs spinning in the background
Silent Disco Arena - making its debut at Sunburst and with not a single speaker in sight, Malaysia's A-list DJs provide the soundtrack to partygoers via 300 pairs of wireless headphones