Monday, June 27, 2005

PaSaR mAlAm tRaGeDi !!!!!!

Its Saturday!! soo its pasar malam nite!! me went to pasar mlm round 8pm with me taman frends....after roamin around like tons tons of times...den we tought of eating in 1 of da mamak we went there n ate MURTABAK chanai...phuuu...haha...after makaning, we loitering again..den we had an idea dat we wanna walk n discover our neighbourhood once we reached there, we play da fool there we laugh so frekin loud,we disturb sum frekin dogs,we even press da door bell den run ASAP...hahaha....we played like 6 houses!!! hahaa...we dusturb like 3 stupid dogs...hahaha...well after tired of kacauing da dogs, we went to da playground to lepak n rest...we make blody funni jokes n laugh frekin loud!!! i tel ya its LOUD dats it lah..den after restin n jokin we all pun balik lumah la..reached home round 11pm...

Friday, June 24, 2005

Spurs Reign!!!!

fool la..dis mornin..Spurs won da blody hack match....babi!!!! i was like frust man...shisss dun wanna tok no more...

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

testing 1,2,3 (handphone)

las nite i tested my hp...i put it in da freezer!!!...4 1 hour...after dat i on my hp..die lah...cant on da damn thing....dis mornin send 4 repair...pls pray 4 my hp to repair ASAP n i dun need to pay $$...hehehe...i put my hp in da freezer manN!!!! wuuuhhh!!!!!!!!!!!

Y like dis wan?!!!...

haa got me exam results...well, my results sux..ive got 8th place dis time another 1/2 marks i'll be 5th!!!...ive beg da teacher 4 da blody half mark..she said she'll giv..see see y'day...nth!...argh man..oh mannnnn...really lah half marks mannnn...imagine u were me!!!....2nd thing is my hp keep on rosaking lah...babi eh...every week sure send 4 repair wan..babi lah.. oh yeahh another thing...i got an accident again on da road!!...hahaha....last month was my 1st accident..las week was my 2nd.....haaih wats hapenin mannnn....y like dat 1? i a jinx?....hmmmmmm....hehe... oh yeahhhh..b4 me 4get, Pistons lost in game 5....1 point differet..babi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! now stupid Spurs leadin 3-2...well lately ive got sum kinda financial prob...oh man..sad lah wei...haaih.. well i think its God's plan 2 set me up n see how do i responds to da obstacles....

Monday, June 20, 2005

2004!!!!! 2005 history may repeat!!!!!!! Posted by Hello

yeahhhhhhhhhhhh!~~~~~~!!!!!!! 2004 u were chap dis season u'll be champ!!!! Posted by Hello


oh man...watching NBA finals in tb..since da 1st game of da today is da final of all finals!!! between Detroit n Spurs!!...da score is is 2-2...i hope Detroit will kick Spurs ass...oh mannn//pls Lord pour ur blessgins to Detroit!!...oh mannnn...Spurs go die watching da finals of da finals now!!!!!!

muahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Posted by Hello


haaa relief jus only finish doin my assignss...wuuh..sarifice time 2 go on9,time to lepak,time 2 watch tb...owh man..feels gud to be bak on9...ive not on9ing 4 like 2 weeks...

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Steve Vai!!!!! Posted by Hello


Receintly me is listenin 2 Steve Vai's solo, sum guitar man shoookkk!!
also watching sum drum gonna download more of dis kinda stuff lah..n borrow more cd's!

Friday, June 10, 2005

Durian Season Weh!

Last night I jus had durian at home. My father got it from Kuala Kangsar where he is doin some contractor stuff. I ate till my stomach almost blow up. Luckily I control. hehe..oh ma dat was da greatest durian dat ive ever had,haha.. my fader brought bout 3 durians home. he opened da 1st 1 but till dis mornin its not finished yet...haha..

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Holiday! / anouncement!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (important~!!! NEW HANDFON NUMBER!!)

well well..jus now i jus went to Jusco n see mowie..intitled Kung fu Mahjung!!!! damn funni lah its a chinese frend spent me tickits, well da chinese mowie was funni larh..after da mowie i roamed around de shoping mall..den in a sudden i saw LABUAN PEOPLE!!!! yeahhH!!!!!!!!! my frends camee 4 basketball competition!!! hahaha...

HEY PEOPLE!!!! MY NEW HANDPHONE NUMBER IS 0175557572 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, June 05, 2005

AWAY 4 3 days, to KL..

as u can see dat i took lots of pics..well, i spent bout 3 days in kl,PJ to attend a conference. it's called Heal The Nation Conference a.k.a HTN...da coference started on da 2nd (1 day after my burf day) till 4th of june..

i spent real quality time with my friends, i anjoyed the whole thing n i've met some new frends!!! KL ppl rawkss man!!! i tell ya!!

through out da conference, i've met like mannnn gaallllssss man!!!! awwwwwwkkksss!!!!!

i stayed at my bro's (Jonathan) apartment 2nights..well sctually i supose to stay in kl 4 like 6 days but unfortunately Cason (fren from ipoh) got exams comin up nx week..he got to i cant lepak ler..dun hav tour guide haha..

cun singer!!! Posted by Hello

Juwita Suwito singin!! wuuuuhh Posted by Hello

singer!! cun eh... Posted by Hello

worship team...GT's main stage!! Posted by Hello

can u find wats rong with da sentence? its a sign of 1 of da hotel dat my frends stayed... Posted by Hello

sleeppp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! baru balik....haaaaaaa!! Posted by Hello

oh man..jus got home darn tired!!! arrghh stress!!! tinkin of gals in GT!!! haha...:p Posted by Hello

ASA!!!!!! Posted by Hello

me n ASA!!! hahaha!!!! Posted by Hello

me n wendy!!! Posted by Hello

helen, wei loon n win yin!!!! PEACE!!~~~  Posted by Hello

haa haa darling!!! oh man ur soo delicious....(Gary's at burger king in Sungai buluh on da way balik kampung) Posted by Hello

Bernard!!!!! wow nice ass man!!!! wow!!!! arrgh wats dat smell? oh man !! dat guy farted!!! ohh..!!! Posted by Hello

oh dat 1 with da 1utama's sequrity guard!! he;s a Bangla lah..aduh..1st time when i wanna ask him wanna take pic in Bm..he could not under..i tought bodo..see see anak bangla!!! Posted by Hello

alamak!!!! karaoke in da toilet pulak!!! (using hose as da mic) aku nak berak ni get lost!!! gogogogogo shu shu...dun kacau me beraking..!! haha :p (1 utama's toilet) Posted by Hello

me n amanda!!! Posted by Hello

AAron,Bernard n sum store lah..Gary blurrr...he dono wats a shop coz he's from a ulu kampung lah...hahah :p Posted by Hello

tell me wat u see?!!!!!! Posted by Hello

Helan n bernard!!!!!!! Posted by Hello

Joshua n me!!! promoting iced lemon tea!!!! hahaha....(out side GT) im goin bak!!!  Posted by Hello