Tuesday, July 31, 2007

wont be online for a long long long time

sorry for not replyin ur comments out
there peeps..i wont be going in action
anytime soon..so hang in there and miss
you yah..haha...will be back
asap!anythin just send me a text or


Monday, July 23, 2007

formal for the gala night.=D
It was on Saturday evening...
6.30 pm got ready for a dinner organised by Mgs,,
called The Gala NIght" held at Syuen Hotel..
went there with Josh'es parents and YY..
1st impression when he invited me i was like.;.WHAT!!! old people only go these kinda stuff lah..
then i said alright i'll go then..with a sigh..haha.=p
so i went that night..the food was nice..=D not too bad..
but a lil low standard cause since its a hotel cant they serve nice food? LOL..
this seafood meat soup was served on table during dinner after the starter..
was so delicious!!!...oh man, wel cant be greedy i tought...since there's old women who are in the same table as us...got to polite and all..well, after taking one small bowl of soup from the main bowl...i finished it like what, less than 30 sec? LOL!..
so i waited for others to have their second bowl to be polite of course after old aunties took their sec bowl then only i started taking..so i waited again..after they had their 2nd bowl, i waited jus to make sure that just incase they wanna have somemore and i dont finish the soup..i was so desperate for that soup its so so so so sedap a.k.a delicious!!..=p=p
then there's this aunty asked me whether i still want some more..and i said its okayy auntie you take 1st..and i was like what the hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
why the hell she put her damn bowl into the soup!!!! i whacked yy's laps and asked wth she doing that for man??...because yy and josh knew how much i wanted to drink dat soup!! ahhhhhH!!..haha..
then yy and josh laughed like a baby..
saying to me, its chinese custom when no oine wants soup anymore theyll put their bowl into the soup..i was the hell!! what kinda custom man..wasting crabs meat shark meat soup!! hahaha..oh man...shoudl have be greedy and not be polite lah..=p=p lesson learnt dont be polite woith old people..HAHA..=p=p

anyways,the night went alright..+D
b4 dinner started my credit ran out.so i waslike oh man! shiit! how am i gonna get crdt??.!!
gonna text Joycey!! then i decided to ran to the mall and get crdt..=p
its too late got to get in the hall and sit..goodness..i panicked and told yy how to get crdt..i even called Dick to send me..all the way from the easst side..LOL..=p=p
she aint got crdt too..sad sad...
so while i was seated, felt undcomfortable with al the old people..=p=p
so i went out with yy decided to ran like anything to the mall..get crdt..sudd after getting crdt, my mom transfered ten bucks to me..i was like..what the!!!!....so we ran back to the hall..sweating and all..=p=p
haha..all worth it just for the gal..=p
the night ended up me taking pics at secret recipe..=p

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

here's the comment i wrote at JJ..haha..go hav a look if its still there) its at the information counter at the back where public write their comment bout JJ..HAHAH!!

posering at the saloon..=D

After the concert.=D

A day hang out at JJ..watched Die HArd =D

The Band..

Wooh0o0!!! im back!!!..
alright a lil recap of whats been happening..
Intone band came to Ipoh..
its a christian rock band...well, emo rock band to me.=p
it rawked yoyo!!
concert held on the 13th of july (fliday)..
on the next day they had their workshop on at church..went for the drums workshop..it helped.=D
and the next day, on sunday, it was youth sunday!! wheee!!..=DDD
here's some pics...=D

Sunday, July 08, 2007

i miss you gary chong khin jin!! hahah..lol cant believe i remembered your full name..=p=p
miss u babi!!..=DD balik lah!! kita jam..=p=p
and and i miss you so so so muchie joyce toon li chien!!!! <33
<33 yous!!^^

haha jus posted my 666th post..=D
what a number..=p

Thursday, July 05, 2007


Tuesday, July 03, 2007

before math..

finals 3rd and 4th placing for state level (aftermath)
arghhH!!!...whats wrong with this blogger thingy laaaaaahh..
i cant blog properly..sorry guys and gals and gramps and undle and aunties...
i know ya all missing me badly..haha..
stoopid blogger thingy..

well,here's a lil lil lil tinny minnie update..
well, rugby, we got 4th in the state..well not so good..
hmmm...studies getting a hang of it..
everything's fine..me and the woman getting on awesome and great as always..haha..
muakx!! after a heart breaking moments...thank God for everything that is possible..=D

i've found this advertisement bout our 50th years of independence..
must watch okaii!! =DD hehehe..
and and some pics i found in my files..=p=p
oh yeah!! i forgot...sighh sad sad...my brother, Gary chong Khin jin left to pg to persue his studies..what a sad news...sighhh...again im missing another band member..
and a friend not only a friend but a best friend..=D
dont blush gary when u read this..i mean dont cry.=p

i'll be back bloggin soon okaii..
gonna sleep now..as i slep in class like a pig..haha..
aint got enuf sleep these days...