Saturday, April 21, 2007

SAddening lahhh..
Joycey got grounded for a whole damn week!!...
mampus lah aku...!!
Miss youu yanggg!!!..
few more hours, to be exact, hmmmm 8 more hours till i've gtg to church to change the church's drumskin..=D
happy happy, im the 1st drummer got to try it on!!...whee!! Deva doing the opening ceremony of playin it..haha!!..=p=p
well, Joycey suppose to come for youth but tooooo baddddddddddddddddd
she's so naughty, she got grounded...sad sadd!!...
and Glitz night?, same thing laa..can't come...sighhhh..

my signature Zildjian drumstick by Travis Barker broke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
arghhH!!!!!!... its my fav lah wehH!!!...
so hard to get...stoopid thing..ishishh...
btw, Travis Barker my Idol..=DD
sad lah!!.sighhhh.....
got to wait for my $$$$ to come in me waller gonna take loooongg time...
sighhhh...saddddening laa..
LOL, she posted me pic drinkin bottle of wine in her bloggie..haha!!..=p
she fell asleep jus now...goodness, what a pig la..HAHAH!!..=p=p

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Alriteyyy, moving on to the drama...
drama audition (acting) held on.......i forgot..=p=p
neways, been held sometime ago laa.. i passed..=DD
singing one was hmmmm..2days back..yeah!..
hmm i think i passed according to the drama musicians...=p=p
hopefully gonna get some major character yeah...=)
nothing much to update...
jus dat my sayang always fall asleep while texting me everynight... HAHAHA!!..
mengada??.. yes yes!!..blekk!!!..=p=p jkjk..
tmr's a holiday, hmmm plans??...
got called to play basketball with friends early morning..around 8.45am!..
crazy!!..someone its on a holiday!!..i'll see whether i can wake up anot la..=p=p
hmmm..maybe going out hanging with friends and gonna get sth...
exams jus around the 2 weeks time!!.arghh..
add math!!..super hard lah!!..
man, i got to frekkin buck up yoyooo...

Love you girlfriend..=DD
will be seeing her onnn.....SATURDAY!!..=)
(harap harap lah...)
anyways, aku miss her sangat sangat niee...eeee!!...
i is the miss miss u the very very much laaa..=DD
and and i is the love love u the very much too..=DD

Friday, April 13, 2007

Ahhhh...jus got back home from skewl...
not suppose to go back but yeah...hehe..=pp
skipped some motivation talk by err one famous indian guy which i dont even know..heard he's very good, but too bad i cant understand tamil language...bad bad..LOL!..
few of us which are indians cant undertsand tamil went out..
talked to Mr.Rajan ( my dad in skewl =pp), told him i cant und a thing lah weh..haha!!.. he said...faster go makan then up to u lah wanna stay in da hall or not..=p
makan, went CF with Yoha..=D (such a goodie lol)
after CF, went canteen got few bites of everything..=p
then on the way back, dang! KAru there!...shoot lah weh!...
he's taking care of the exit to see whether any indians trying to escape the motivation..LOL..
me and yoha was like..argh laaa...kk kk chill chill..
soon, karu and other teachers left into da and yoha was actiing stoopid..haha..walking jus like some thief haha!..
finally in the car, cabut time!!....wooh0o0!!..=D

in skewl, slept during BM...add math....physics,(half asleep) lol!....
in CF i totally wasnt listening..close eyes and nodding my head..haha!..=p
bad bad!..

get ur butt home laaaahhh..
she's in err err skewl!..LOL...
cepat balik kita makan sama sama...=DD
sayang luh!!

Monday, April 09, 2007

@ TGV b4 ninja turtles..=D

LOL!! Dhong spotted my old friend..=D

Exicutioner Raver Shuffle

drummer boi, kat,pat and lili
after IU =D
SMI's Interact IU Day was, hmm how should i put this...
was interesting??..LOL...not really..=p

started on Friday (a day b4 IU day), evening, went jamming with Kampung Pisang Band..stayed a night at Mat's place to practise while waiting for his bro which is from KL.He come down just to help Mat fill in our band cause Wan couldn't make it.
Mat's bro,Amar, was in Blast Off 2005!! haha.. guess which band, the emo band EXILES (hope i spell it correctly)..he plays the, was great having him to help us..=DD

IU day, rehersed once..
performance??..LOL..was a blast...=D
after IU day went parade with Wai Hin && Dhong..
wanted to play bowling but, expensive!! 7bucks per person??!! man!
jusco's better, only 2bucks..=D
decided to roam around.
too bored until we went for an eye check..=p
then went back home...

after church went watch Ninja Turtle =D
hmmmm, not up to my expectation really..
not my yeah..=)

MOnday (2day),
well, came to skewl with a sleepy gloomy face..
talked bout football and IU day..
during assembly, of all teachers, Pn.Shawanni (my history teacher) complimented me saying im a well manered person..haha!! and she loves my appearance..=p=p
obviously i was like SAY WHAAATTT!!..=p=p
everyone looked and me and was like
okok enough of goodnews,
drama prac was hectic as usual eventhough tmr is the comp...
cut long story short, i lost my hp thx to some1...don't wanna blame any1 but..arghh!!!..
was so damn pissed...and frustrated and all shit emotions came across me..
sighhh...Joycey comforted me all day..
felt a lil better but still..
and i miss Joycey..sad sad..=pp

today, i skipped my Bm oral test and my EST presentation..
arghh!!..shit la!!!!..
cause of drama prac which i 100% think we gnna LOSE!...
i have to frekkin suffer..if i know this things would happen, long time ago i'll leave drama...last year's batch was the best drama team...
sighh..with my gang in..with full confidence we can

well, got some shit rumours im flirting around?..
what the hell!!!...
man, aint ppl tired of talking bad shits??..
come on la...leave other ppl's life alone...
bet ur life suck dats y wanna care bout mine uh..haha!!..
talking to girls, isit wrong??..
making frends...mixing around wrong??..
talking on the phone with gal wrong??..
meet a fren in my skewl which happends to be my fren's fren and look familiar cant i talk to her??..
my advice, take care of ur own life 1st b4 taking care of others okaii =D
and dont spread shits around, loser..=D
dats what i call people with no life...=)
today aint jus my day..=D

Friday, April 06, 2007

Deva da Loser + Ruby

Jo > ME > saB =)

im burning while BBQ-ing..
feels like im BBQ-ing my self...
been a loooong time since i've updated my blog..
sorry dear biggest apology to ya'll...
this 2 weeks been a great week yoyo...
been preparing for sports day,drama,band performance and so on..

Last Week was Joshua's birthday, went partying after youth at his house...
has BBQ there..a moderate number of people went...99.99% is from our church =pp
had alot of food!!..yummmmmmmmmmmmm...
played cake...cake went splating all over..=p=p
stayed a night for our guys sleepover which sounded GAY lah to me..=p=p
and yeah, we slept around 4am and went for the 2nd service for church..=p
oh yea, after church went JJ with Joycey =p watched Meet the Robinson..was preety funny..hehe!

yesterday was sports day!!!!...
was fun wehH!!!!>.best sports day ever!!!...hehee..
ran for skewl for the 4x100M got gold!! hehe..=DD
my hse got 3rd placing over all..
well, its expected though...
for two years my hse been the champ...
too bad not this yr.. sadd..=p
well, marching?! my class got 2nd!! arghh..
tought we gonna win easily...
we under estimate this "bapok" class..
man..nerds beat us!..
sad sad..
next monday gonna 2 medals during assembly..=D hehe..
moving on,
after sports day, went stadium for lunch with yoha and the gang!..
hahah!! yoha ohh yoha!!..
my interesting bestie!! hahah!
asked alot bout girls...
seem so fond bout girls..asking tips and all..
anyway, yoha's getting his "Les Paul Epiphone" today...
fuuhh! its his babe which he was longing for a looooooooooooong time and talks bout it every second when he's wth me...haha!!..
its from korea not mistaken...=DD
went JJ to bowl wit Wai Hin,DHong Dhong,Roshan and Mun Yee..=p=p
man, was leading the 1st few bowl...3 strikes..thenn ah dhong!! geng!! thn waihin!!..arghhh..sumore they all bowl less than 3 times in their life!..
oklah i dropped cause they challenged me to use the heaviest ball!..

so after bowling, we went sushi king..
didnt eat for fun..its a challenge eating thingy..=p=p
wasabi is the main dish!..haha..=p=p
sushi with lots of wasabi, with 4-5 stages...
1st stage with a lil bit of wasabi then it goes on till stage 5 eating all the wasabi..
gosh almost cried!!! hahaha..
guess what, we licked the plate full of wasabi clean and shiny..=p=p
all stomach went upset..=p=p

and and i miss sayang..she's in JBC now..huhuuuu
miss you baby!! =DD