Wednesday, December 24, 2008

everyonee..a very blessed merry jollie ollie pollie christmas (:
may the day of the joyest ahhh marryy christmas laa!!! HO-HO-HAaA!!! XD
God Bless ya'll (:
wthhhh i look like...RETARD haahha.
ahh i miss them =(
p/s, my hair's half RED and there;s a brown patch on the other side LOL!
picture.....later later laa XD

Friday, December 19, 2008

LEPAK LEPAK and more LEPAK-ing Xd

its Christmas EVEE!!!

will be going 80's on Christmas eve.
Christmas party will be held at Church of Praise
tons and tons of prizes to be won, *Ipod, for the best 80"s dress, there'll be like dares and dumb kicking challenges to be dared to the peoples, winners gets $$$ prize and other toys.

its a party you dont wanna #$%^& miss XD wahahaha

HAd a Great day 2daeee (:
happy to the core!

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

CHRISTMASSS!! ahh cant wait. LOL
rocked one utama's rooftop like wooh0o0o!! lol.
was awesome music,crowd and got sunburnt (:
will post pictures as soon as i get em all XD

watched tWilight for like only half an hour mother fowww LOL something came up and i had to leave =/

gonna watch it again anyways but butt.....errr who wanna watch with mee?? (: call mee! LOL!
hung at JJ on errrr ive forgotten what day i was with my "family' LOL!
here's some picturesssss!!! XD

Friday, December 05, 2008

Lousyyy internet connection...
gahhhhsss was bout to update evey #$%^&* thing throughout the day after ASS PEE AM till now but but....ahhh screwww STREAMYX lah.
soooryyy dear readers =/
will update soon kays i promise like SOOOOON. (:

Monday, December 01, 2008

GAAAAAHHHHHHH!! i can't takee itttt anymoreee *smiles* LOL!
will TRY TRY to update myself what i've been up to alright (:
GIGs,COncerts,shooting,performing bla bla blaassss.. =sSsSs

Thursday, November 27, 2008

wahemm...ahemmm....*clears throat to the max*


details...later lah gonna enjoy my ass first whee!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Last weekkk...
Friday - half time during Chemistry paper i decided to do some stunt while everyone's hanging around the school compound some were playin basketball,talking BS and so on...i decided to jum over the flower bush just for the fun of releasing tension so everyone stopped what they're doing and looked at me...i was like *supermann!!* as i jump over i freaking fell down on the flower bush dang it such embarrasment HAHA. *everyone laughed their ass off* i quickly stand and say * im okay!! im okay* =P

Kah Seng was driving Zack's car rempit around the school, and he banged one of the pengawas's car it was badly damaged. the pengawas' car bumper fell off and was dented BAADly. Zack's car suffered almost the same thingy too. Dented at the front side . Everyone was like WOOOH0O0O0O. LOL. Zack's car went to the hospital i mean workshop after few hours...WALAA its done (:
and pengawas' car....sorry lah we all run off and watched the drama between pengawas and his car HAHA!! kah seng was saved no body informed pengawas XD

well yesterday to be exact, i suffered from a brain damage, biology was HAARRDD =S
I died siting for the paper.

today was the second last day before my last paper EST, had Physics...physics wassss..OKAYY laa but still i need an A =/
While sitting for paper 2 I didnt realise i was calling Zack which was in the same hall with me and it was in loudspeaker my phone went *toooottt toooott toooootttt* i was like wtf wtf wtf!!!! mattii matiii SPM kantoiiiii. quickly i switch off my phone and continue doing my paper LOL! God is good, pengawas was blind =PP

hundred plus booth at JJ some talent contest thingy, i was forced to show something im good in apparently im no good in anything HAHA! well i err dirty danced and the 100plus peeps recorded me dancing and all my friends were like *wooh0o0* DEVAA DEVVAAA and all at the back there were even makcik pakcik small lil kiddies there they were speechless i think i turned the old peeps on HAHA sorry yah =p
i stand a chance to win errr some cash prize up to 8 thousand bucks aha $$ [ching ching baby] i won 2 free movie ticket, and a few 100plus drinks (:

p/s, hair is growing VERYYY slowlyy =/

Saturday, November 22, 2008

3 papers to go,
5 more days,
and then....
F.R.E.E.D.O.M. say it out loud all across the land !
wooh0o0o (:

Currently in a Christmas mood.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Add maths was.....................
FFFFFFFFFF#$%^&*DD up (:
moral was...okayokay laaas.
6Down 4 to go.
8A's is the aim.
brain keep exploding.
hand crippled.
heart still determined :)

Monday, November 17, 2008

I want to be a CHeff (:

Will be back in the entertainment bizz after ASS PEE AM (:
Music,acting here i come back in action ! XD

2 more weeks of hell to goooooo....
fasster laaaaaa finishhh..
gonna work my butt off to own an Ipod Touch (:

Sunday, November 16, 2008

My stupid knee is killing me hardly.
cant sleep properly,cant walk properly,cant even freaking walk down and up the Staircase properly =/
very long storyy sighh...
well, its actually very short LOL!
fell down while runnin on the Parade =S
stooopid floor was slippery, fell flat on the floor while laughing LOL.

I miss my HAIR ):
faster groww laaaahhh =/

Monday, November 10, 2008

Obama For Change
Obama, Change We Need!
Obama, Change We Can Believe In DEVAA, We Have Come So Far
Now Change Has Come.
For More ass blasting pictures and videos visit....
BYEBYEEE!!! =((((

Our class flag take one (BERKIBARR LAHH class flag ku LOL)

Our class flag take two

SiXer Army =)

besides cutting cake.....

The secret recipe chocolate indulgence cake YUMMM!!!!

Gang belakang kelas 1

Gang belakang kelas 2
The table of fame where we write who;s our crush sometime ago LOL.

Say byebyebyeeeeee
Im not good in saying gooodbye cause i never want good things to end but yeah...all things must come to an end.. =(
i'll be leaving high school after 18 days well its already over LOL.
would like to thank all my classmates for all these tremendous awesome two years, whatever ive done wrong please forgive and forget me, i mean forgive me LOL! and all those stupid dumb dumb stuff i've did please DONT TRY THOSE AT HOME hahaha!
to all my teachers, (i know some of you've been reading my blog) thank you for all your support and care and whatever whacking spanking nagging and kicking i will surely remember those LOL. Words couldn't describe how i feel bout leaving school ='(
*crying crying * to everyone in SMI, you all have been a great schoolmate, those whom i always bully and ask for belanja and never pay you back...well....errr next next year lah alright =p=p
and to aunty and uncles of the canteen,i got to admit that i stole food from you all LOL!! not all okays just a few stalls, i stole fruits and kacang (less than 20 times) =p=p sorryy yeahh and to those whom ive hurt without knowing painful or not during sports training...sorry lahhh hehehehe, SENGAJA buat punya =p
gahsss, gonna miss training,class,and i will surely miss ponteng-ing class =(
gosh im so bad in goodbyes =(
i love you alll!!! 23456783456784567845678 billion thank you for teaching me what life is all about. ONce a Michaelian, is always one (: *GREEN && WHITE, UNITE!!* (HIP-HIP HOP!!!) oh shoot its (HIP-HIP HOOORAYYY!!)

The New Obama/Prison Break/Si Botak LOOK... MUAHAHAHA! i've did it wooh0o0o!!
actually im related to Obama, im his grandma's cousin's sister's brother's uncle's niece's grandad's cat owner's garneder's neighbour's brother's son's daughter's bush's cousin. LOL!

Tmr's the big dayy!! wooh0o0o!! ASS PEE AM here i comee!! XD
wishing all the very very best to everyone who's gonna sit for the exam and for those who're gonna have holidays, enjoy and kick butt (:
shall blog bout more stuff when ive got time, for now,....IM NERVOUSS LAAAAAAA!!! what thee geeee =((
okay okay calm down LOL..

Thursday, November 06, 2008

5 more days to goo!!!!!
mother tuckeerrr, im DEADDDD *died*
tmr's the last day of school *sighh* the last day i'll be stepping in school besides sitting for ASS PEE AM for 3 weeks, im gonna miss my teachers my friends the aunty jaga the school's gate (she cant even read, so we always write some stupid letter sometimes just give her some activity book to show her for us to go out from school earlier and she thought its some PASS KELUAR hahahah!) sighh gonna miss the toilet where me and my GANG TANDAS friends always hang out , gonna miss my favourite teachers sighhs, the fruit aunty whom i always steal fruits from HAHA! and the prefects which oftem give me hard times in school, well not really but stilll...HAhA =p
*tears droppinggg*, shall type this another time LOL. IMISSMYSCHOOL =/
p/s, somebody's gonna watch 007 tmr which she was suppose to watch Coffin but too scared to watch and might be scared and cry her butt off and make the whole shopping mall flooded =p

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

A day @ Jaya JusCo,

So I was hanging out with Opei,Ayen,and the other gangmates and Ruby turns up and first sentence she saw us, “ DEVA!!! Boring laaaa *sits down* “ I was like the heee , just come wanna poyo LOL.
Long story short, we went walking around being bored and checked out some exercise machine thingy which was displayed at the stage area of the shopping mall.Company called FitNess Concept had some exhibition promoting work our machine so we tried almost everything and had fun trying.there was this contest conducted, the skipping contest which who can skip the most in a minute and the dumbbell contest the most carry of 10kg in 10 seconds, I was forced to enter the skipping one LOL! 4 contestand 2 ber-tudung mak cik and 1 fit uncle and of course ME =P. and I thought I was bout to win even before skipping see see this fat lady wearing tudung beat me in skippin wth!!! Okay the reason is… the freaking rope got stuck on my hair stupid rope LOL and I cant balance after stopping stoopidd rope =/
I got 3rd obviously the uncle won =S how embarrassing, sheeessshhhsss.
Opie entered in the dumbbell thingy, he won 1st prize LOL. 13 carries in 10 seconds I think =)

Videos taken by Ruby while we were in action XD

STRESSSSS!!! 7 more days to go till the big month which gonna decide my freaking future, God bless me with flying colours results, AMEN.
Gosssssshhh im feeling the pressure the stress the tension the depression the sakainesss the mother tucker headachess LOL. GOOD RESULTS PLEASEEE GOOOD RESULTSS *cross fingers*

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Poyoness,... and im gonna get more poyo WAHAHA XD
Picture of the day....
sishaaa sisha at Greentown XD

My official ASS PEE AM trial results XD
6A's 3B's 1C


Looi,Kambing,KFC and I was bored at school so we took some "ingredients" to make fake wound and walk around the school like sakais and donkeys to scare people away XD
So there was this scene where my maths teacher aka crazy frog saw my wound she was like.....
crazie frog : DEVA! what happened to your hand?!
Deva : aiyoo teacher just now accident lah, i ride bicycle then bang the lamp post *sighhss*
CF : what! really ah?! aiyoo why lah devaaaa, SPM's comin soon and u accident, hows ur basikal?
Deva : the basikal okay teacher but the bell a bit cacat lah cannot ring properly already =(
CF: aiyoo you better go call your mother lah go go go!!!
D : *tryin to tahan my laugh* aiyo how lah teacher i sacred my mother scold meeee =((
CF:nvm nvm come follow me to the office now i call ur mother for you *while pampering my hand*
Deva and friends : HAHAAHAHAHAH!!!!!!
D : nolahh teacherrrrr, its fakee laaahhhhhh
CF : sure nott?? let me check?? *checking* oie!! u wanna lie to me ahh, its real means real deva.D : really lah teacher its fakeee!!! pls believe laa teacherrrr.
CF: ill call ur mother now you wait here.
everyone : noooo teacher!!!! its really fakeee LOL!!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

DeWali's week...
-1.Went Hakimi's house for last day of raya open house.ate like TOOOOTT lemamg rocks big time + satay....ahh eat till i drop.
0.went RUms, met a billion people (:
1.Went to Preet's Open House...Food was A.W.E.S.O.M.E.went to Smith's mom club watched live band gosh, i got offered to play! wooh0o0 happy siiaaaas,Aunty belanjaed us Tequila SHots like super nice, was my first time, it was burning my lungs superly awesome.

2.hangged with the gang, hitted Voodoo and guess what Smith and I compete in some dance thingy in stage and we got 2nd place like wthh...we danced better than the other couple LOL. and the crowd decided who's the winner,and the loudest cheer got the prize and grand prize was rm320 bucks. wth we didnt win cause stupid crowd was racist, ahhh no matter at least we had fun .made new friendss tooo XD some guys who loves shuffling.Voodoo was alright but i prefer RUms 100000x (:
3.Smith's house for sleepover, ate like all the chocolates sapu wtv food i can was super hungry....talked crapp...watched tv 4-7am LOL! Sleep till 11am.played with 4 dogs and 5 cats in the house.
4.watched HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL with the guys and gals, slept in the cinema for 1 hour +++ woke up ate at secret recipe and went back home online online LOL..sleep for 12 hours till the next day XD
5.Stoned at home and sapu all the junk food for guest who come to visit, thinkin bout amazing race....hmmmmm....grand prize iPod Touch worth almost 2thousand bucks dang! im so gonna win if i got people joinin my team sighhhs. =/
The Guys at Rums

Wishing a very........


Monday, October 20, 2008

Some picture ive found in my PC (:
Down> mail ,Up> Zack, Ka-ve , carmen

Mail and Opie were tooo despo to get themselves a girlfriend and finally.....some doll in front of BumCity LOL!


Credit too....Rachel Mah, "stole" my picture and she edited it TEEHEE

High class Bapoks, YES YESS they're guysss, thailand guys (:
Low class Bapoks from....somewhere

A night out around Epoh .
The 3 musketeers, Shekie, KartZ and Me.
Three of us decided to cruise around Ipoh the whole night to check out whats happening between 12am-6am on a Friday =P
We went to town to check out some "Bapoks" selling backsides LOL! or maybe frontside? HAHA
We were at Jalan.....something something near...some place lah LOL. bapoks were standing in front of the door which leads to some room. they'll be like 3-4 of them standing with sexy poses
offering SEX.
Kartz drove near to the place and i decided to go down and interview them =p
Deva : Lu berapa??
Hot Bapok : 50
Deva : alaaaa mahal lah weyyy...40 boleh kah??
HB : okay okay lah 40
DEva : 35??
HB : you nak ker tak nak nie??
Deva : maaahaaall laaaaa
HB : alaa boleh lahh saya sudah potong maaa
Deva : *tahan-ing laughhs* oooooo sudaaaah pooootongg, best kah sudah potong?
HB : Lu banyak tanya aper sal ah?
deva : sajer lah mau tahu ma, saya pun mau jadi macam lu orang
HB : waaaa betui kah??
Deva : *in hearts says* "WTFFFF!!! noooOO!O!!O!O! EWWW!!!" errr tengok dulu lah
HB : stares at me like some horny bugger
Deva : *runs back to the car and laugh like crazy*
HAHAA they are hawt i tell you like @#$%^&* haawwwtttt. i think hawter than some normal looking girl ahaha! just that they're guys LOL!
Shekie and Kartz thought im gonna actually go in to the room and do with them wthh no wayy LOL.
its almost morning we headed to Polo Ground walk round and round to have morning exercise hehe. didnt know that pOlo ground would be packed around 7am-something something packed with old people, i was looking at some fat people working out i was like "yoyo move it baby moveee datt fattt lil asss come on come on work it out!" LOL
I was sitting alone while kartz and shekie went to the slide thingy to play i was sleepyy till some old man says "gooood morning young man" i said back, MORNING unclee! uncle ajaked me to walk with him i said yes LOL.
so we walked around didnt know he was famous there practically every step we took, ppl'll be greeting him good morning uncle Loh.
So i got to know this uncle, bla bla blaaaa..he's 70 sth, 4 kids which are doctors and Phd owner with a master degree, ma gawd smartipanties.
anyways, headed back to get some sleep.. ZZzzzZZZzzZZZZzzzzZzZZZzz
hAnG in TheRe dEAR reaDerS =)

Monday, October 13, 2008

A helping hand.....
I'm helping a friend to sell clothes ONLINE but only for girls LOL!
found some cool clothes at the webcite why not take a look peopleeee and guys i think its time for you to get something for your girlfriend LOL and of course mom XD

for more DETAILS....

PLeaSe ViSit....



TONS of designs && styles.

@ F.O.S.

When Shelly, a Playboy bunny, is tossed out of the mansion, she has nowhere to go until she falls in with the sorority girls from Zeta Alpha Zeta. The members of the sorority - who also have got to be the seven most socially clueless women on the planet - are about to lose their house. They need a dose of what only the eternally bubbly Shelley can provide... but they will each learn on their own to stop pretending to be what others want them to be and start being themselves.

It's a MUST to watch ! XD

Funniee syhhitt, got forced by Kartz and Shekie to watch House BUnny last night apparently it was GOOODD!! lol there was only 6 people in the cinema we made ourselves at home XD laughed our asses off. i'm so gonna watch it AGAIN =)

Why its a must to watch??



3.Freakingly hawtnessss

4.Dramatic apart from the chicks part (LOL)



7.small part of EMO-ness

8.Its Playboy for @#$%^& sake! HAHA

9.i cant think of anything...LOL!

10.chicks? LOL!!

The Weekenders,
1.Hanged out
3.Being lifeless LOL

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The story kicks off with Abu’s (Nas-T) escape from juvenile center and his reunion with Ali (Ezani) and the girls to celebrate the final paper and the last day of SPM exams marking the end of high school and the beginning of their journey to taking their first steps in making life altering decisions.But the day soon ends hinting at the impending future looming ahead. Having botched up yet another internship interview, Ali knows he cannot keep putting off a possible position in the family business. Sofie (Julia) realizes she needs to deal with her mother’s ongoing attempts at grooming her into the perfect trophy wife. Abu senses his freedom is temporary and must eventually come to a decision about taking up the offer of his counselor to continue with his studies. Adii (Zeyna) begins to grapple with the strain of becoming more than what is expected of her. And Lynn (Liyana Jasmay) knows she needs to come clean with Ali about her past and with her mother about her future.As they continue to fill their post-SPM break with sneak-outs, gigs, gate crashing, run-ins with a drug dealer, dodging authorities from the juvenile centre they realize they can no longer avoid coming to terms with self-doubt, relationships, parental pressures and the angst of living the banalities of life in the suburbs.With the future of adult responsibilities closing in on them, the five friends take their first steps dealing with their personal conflicts, accompanied by a soundtrack emanating from cruising car radios, record/CD players and gigs that serves as background music to define the most confusing time of their lives – the teenage years.
Watched this movie ALONE together with Des and his awek i was err being the lamp post cause nobody wanted to teman me watch mowie =( and its a LOCAL mowie what lah weyy supporttt pleaseeeeeeeee. LOL!
Almost cried watching the part where ABU died like when he's gonna die everyone was crying he still can make dumb jokes =(
ahhh very Malaysian, its a must to watch XD