Thursday, January 31, 2008

My idol's new vid!!!! =DDD so sleepy to the maxxx..i need sleeppp
just a short recap bout whats been happening going training soon hehee.=D
well, been doing alot of homeworks..hell lotsa work!
been lack of sleepp...
training every evening...
practise everynight + hw
practising trice a week at studio..
its killingg meeeeeee......
in tireddd....dieeeeeee.....

Saturday, January 26, 2008

finally......US =D

the bottle wants to pose with me.=p

DArren and I =)

shut up and rawkkk!! =D *mini rawk*
backstreetdevadarren ohhh macho macho us =p

owhhh..who's a rocker without BOOZE?? heheheehe
and that is why we are all retards =)
home sweet home.=D
i love my shoe!!! =D ass's being cute HAHAHA
was wondering whats that..=pp *inocent* the pics already..

some pics we took during the farewell thingy =D

Mine's the white cream one with the redish orangish lining =DD
where the !@#$%^& is Asyraff lahhhh..=p=p
he was suppose to send me the pics that our gang took last eager to post it up.HAHAH.=p
had a farewell party for Darren as he's leaving to New Zealand tmr. =(
we all were like cam whoring all the way..worst than girls.=p HAHAHA!
gahhh donkey..faster onlineeeeeeee...lalalallaa

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

To top everything up...
here's my current fav video.=DDD

My studying table =DD

My sku pencil box..=D

LOL. found them on my study table =D
there's moreeeee but mom kept em in the box lahhh..=/ cant show show.kahkah.

LOL.i keep them after they're broken =pp
Front =D

My "pimped" drumstick bag =DD ((inside))
uS, at the party =)

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Tiredafied,sleepyfiedd,terrified,fied fied fied...
hahahaa..i need to sleeeeeepp..
oh well, a lil update hereee..well actually, alot but i'll try not to talk so much keh keh keh.=p
Im still busy with sch0ol, tons and tons of work to finish especially my Moral essays, and training which is every evening and today,I over slept after coming back from school.hahaa..ahh screw training lah, im tired...ZZZzzzZZzzzZZZZzzzz sleeeppppp..slept around 4-5 hours =p
and been offered to play for some bands.hahaa..i was like woooo, in a week, there's like 2-3 bands offering.kehkehkeh..will see how things goes and you know make the best of everything.
been busy plannin for the upcoming "Battle of the Bands" which i'll be playin for 2 bands and yeah, i think my main band gonna win this thingy hahaha.=p
and been busy with IU DAy's plannin and i've got to really plan when's the practise gonna be and gah im broke! yeah back to broke again.dont know what the hell i bought.HAHAA.oh wells, anyone's kind plsss plsssss belanja mee..=p=p kekeeh.
and one more performance, which involves me and my main band SILENT SCREAM =)
in KL on news yet.will see how things goes ;)

Haven't been emo for a long time and suddenly, BOOOM!!
emooooooo..hahah..i was emo-ing last night..kay kay last past few nights lah.
been really stressed out and tension and depressed and supresed and frustpressed and watever dat pressed lah.hahaa.
and my dad's always around.danggg..cant watch tv,online or do whatever..sighhh..lifeless at home. =(
my best home companion at home is my phone..=)
and i've been eating like a @#$%^& pig at home..i need to cut down getting fatter.LOLSSS

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Happening Events...

I'm back to bloggin after a week. =)
The weeks been an exhausting week, can almost die.=p hahaa..
been busy with sku work work work assignments especially my Moral essays which includes 8 essays,250 words and i've got to hand in b3fore Chinese New year. and yeah i'm so gonna like copy just a LIL..HAHAHA.=p from one of my friend from KL which she took SPM last year.
been busy with training..yes, back to training but quitting football. rugby,track and field and handball is still on though. well, it depends if i cant take the pressure i might just have to quit one or two. and performance, yeahhhh...been called for so many events..gahh..preparation practises and plannin..headachesssss..BIG headaches..
tomorrow, a gig at a big party at some mansion, which includes like 10 songs? plus, im playin for youth tmr and im preparing for the battle of the band comp got choson to play for school plus performing some the interact club's IU Day plus my own band, there's a gig cumin up somewhere next month after my exams..stressing..barely got the time to listen to the songs with work and training and with my sleep time..gosh, i need super long long sleep. and so far school's been okay besides the busyness. oh yeah, me yes the monitor of my class..haha.=p=p how cool.
well, deva as usual will make dumb jokes and make other people laugh inside outside of sku.
oh yeah, ive gotten my new conversee!! ahhhh..nice nice nice!!! =DD

Friday, January 11, 2008

Oh yeahh..from the picture beside you can see how am I feeling right now.

I'm feeling rather so damn !@#$%^&*() pist off.I can't make it to Joel's party which everyone's going. Almost the whole world is going which is a very good oppurnity for me to meet up with old friends and hang around to have fun and enjoy the night..Instead, I got so !@#$%^& annoyed wish the person who can drive but wants to car pull and irritates me. Purposely, asked how am I going to MERU, which is so !@#$%^& far and its like the another end of the world and I told him, NO car, im taking cab.then he started laughing like a !@#$%^&, Gosh, if you don't wanna help which you can help don't purposely ask and add !@#$%^& to my situation lah. i'll trying to find a way to get there and he was like "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA' all the way.i was like if im next to him i swear tmr i'll be on tv,8pm. Tried to call a cab, but not even one came. called like 3 times still same !@#$% nothing came in front of my house. and mom, being so very kind and generous didn't even wanna send me to some place where I can get a cab to go to the place. Gonna get her sth for mama's day.YAYYYY!!! greatest mom ever.wowwwww...being ignorant and don't even wanna give a damn.yeah, the best mom ever.wooo!! Got so fed up without any transport to go, got so !@#$%^&* pissed of decided that I got no option just to stay at my !@#$%^&*( house. HAPPY NIGHT YAY! And, thank you to those who wants to help picking me up but not old enough to drive a car to pick me.=) so sweet of you all. well, enjoy the party and have fun =D Joel, sorry couldn't come transport lah..even the cab driver didnt wanna pick me house too far.damn.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

IM FATTT!!!!!!!!!

okay-okay, this is unusual from a guy but what the heck, im fatt lahh!!!!!!!!!

my goal this year, to be the Sportsmen for 2008 in school cause last year i missed out 2 points to get the title. I got 4th for 200m running and i was like 1inch to be 3rd andget that 2 points for bronze medal..sighhh..

I went back to Labuan and they feed me like anything, as if i haven't been eaing for like 1000000 billion zillion million to keep my body sexy. =(

sighh..been lazying around like a pig at home skippin training and eat chocolates like anythin and sleeping more than im suppose to.hahaha.this has to change!!!... dieetttt dieeetttt!!! burn fatt burn fattt! *WOOOOOSSSHHH*

It's time...
Nerd nerd...yeah its time to be one.
SPM's like end of this year and im like not prepared at all, im still indulge in my lazy-ness world and my ROck n RoLL world.haha.=p
oh wells, its time to cut down somethings like online-ing time, going out, wasting $$ time, wasting time time.=p
oh wells, been busy with my homeworks. gahh just too much of em makes my head wanna burst.

I got screwed AGAIN by her yeah....
this time things get very ugly..
got a text from her dad and i was called "stupid,idoit" stupid..if you're smart you won't control urkid too much and give her some space and air dude.
this is the problem with parents who's mind isn't like open and so old fashioned..oh whatever..we kids need space and to show our true colours so that we can you know, be talentfull..hahaa.i've got alot to say bout this but gah, just dont wanna waste my time writing nonsense. to make my point, some parents just really had to be sporting and throw less burden to their kids.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

GAHHHH thing in my head...yes yess its called MIGRAINE!! =D
been having it for the past few days already and i don't seem to know what is the matter, and the only way to temporarilly not to have this head bursting desease is to listen to rock music.hahaa.

Well, sku's...not that far so fat i mean good =p
being a monitor ain't THAT bad afterall just a lil bit of work and pressure from the teachers, other than that it's all good.
Bought a PINK tie for Mr.Woon's (our head disapline master) retiment day tomorrow..its a token of appreciation from the class. went to the mall just now and found a PINK tie and a present wrapper with cow pictures on yeah bought it witht he class $$$, plus, I've found the Converse sneekers that i've been wanting for the cream colour with orange lining and apparently its the last pair in Ipoh. There's no other place where u can find except *NOT TEELLINGG!!* =pp yeah, and to my suprise Jien Ai's (sry wrong spelling dude) working at the shop she was like "DEEVAA!!!!! haahaaa wah lao ehhh really like that shoes uh, until enter the shop didnt see me, i was right in front of you lahhhh" hehe..then i said."WHAAATT!! u is working here??!!" hahaa.=pp
so Jien Ai decided to like help me a lil bit on the shoes, she helped me to pay deposit which is rm10 so that i can claim the shoe like after i get my pay which is next week =)

and back to sku, our Physics teacher..1st time teaching Physics, and for a start he can't speak English at all..and he uses direct transalation from the Malay language.
and he teaches really yeah, all the best for my Physics in SPM this year. =D

and one more thing,
Her phone got consfiscated again, i got called from her aunt or mom i don't know who saing that never to text or contact her yeah.
it's not the end but things are getting slow so yeah.

*keep playin the same song over and over again, song from my blog =)

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Friday, January 04, 2008

Beloved Sku.
Goodbye form 4, errr errr hellow form 5??
Yeah, form 5....
Can't believe time just pass in a blink of an eye.
i'm so not ready for this year, she moved to down town (JAYBEE) and we're having SPM and gahhhh sku's not happening like it used to be...happening teachers changed not teaching our class anymore.

im feeling rather disturbed right now.
she's so far away...
i don't feel like skuling...
i need encouragement...
i had enough of "im okay im okay" when im not okay...

oh yeah, im a monitor in my class.haha.
okay, its not one thing I should be proud of but its the most errr suckiest post especially a monitor for my class. =)
so dang, hectic..
blame the voterssssss....aaaaaaaaaaa..
currently im having mirgain i need more sleep, which every morning im having hard times waking up since like 2 years back.HAHA.

oh hair.....
ITS SHORT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
no pics.HAHAHA.=p
maybe later =)

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

KL KL!!! BUkit bintang my 2nd home wooo..=DD

last hug before goodbye darwinnaaaaaa... =(

Deb and me =D

she was suppose to be sad cause im leaving...insteadddd...she was SMILLINGG GIGGLINGGGG...=((

DICK and i =D

at the mall.

Deb,Dar,Me,Char..@ the airport sending me off =(
what a dramaaa..they came like 5 minutes before i took off =DD
rushed to the airport with a cab
hahahaa..with an emo song played in the cab hoping to see me b4 i leave =D


i was emo-ing becauseeeeee.....i dont know why..HAHA

Nareetha and me.

was texting the lady at JB heeeheee

sophia likes my hair so much. =p
after christmas eve celebration at church.

ED ed, DICK! and me =D

charlotte and deva on the beach =D


The stage =)

The deco in the ceiling.

church kuuuu...<3

church church =)
the inside at the pillar.