Monday, May 26, 2008

Featuring drummer...ME =D
"support your local music scene"
its been a while since ive blogged, and a very big apoligy to all readers.
its been a great month, been busy with practises with my own band and a movie shooting.
will update on that later alright cause i need to get the resources to post it up heehee ;)
and its the holidays!! wooh0o0o
will be performing down town KL and work work work (lifeguard)
p/s will be updating soon reeaaaalll SOONN =)

Friday, May 23, 2008

Will be upodating soon soon reaaaalll soon i promise =DD
Manchester United beat Chelsea, 6-5, in a rain-soaked penalty shootout in Moscow to win the European Champions League title Wednesday night following a 1-1 tie.
In the first final between two English teams, Edwin van der Sar batted away Nicolas Anelka's drive on the 14th kick to give Manchester United its third Champions League title. It came in the 50th anniversary year of the plane crash that killed eight United players in Munich, Germany.
Cristiano Ronaldo had scored in the 26th minute for Manchester United, his 42nd goal of the season. Frank Lampard tied it for Chelsea in the 45th.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Manchester United is CHAMPIONS of English Premier League (EPL) yet again after Chelsea failed to match United’s win last night. Chelsea could only drew 1-1 with Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium, London. The 2007 EPL title is Manchester United’s 9th title in 15 years. What a remarkable achievement it has been for Sir Alex Ferguson.
I’ve been supporting Manchester United since the start of the EPL. Sir Alex has build 3 great teams in his 20 years in-charge. This years’ squad has the most interesting players and huge potential ahead of them after the likes of Beckhams, Butt and Philip Neville from the Class of ‘92 fledgling left.
Without doubts, Ronaldo plays huge part this year to bring the EPL title back to United since their last title in 2003. The 3 individual awards he won in England shows how good he is this year. Kudos to him for producing great and mature style of play week in week out this season. I really hope his form would continue for years to come.
Rooney, Ronaldo, Carrick, Park Ji Sung and the income Owen Hargreaves are definitely going to bring more success to the club. I would love to see United win the Champions League again after coming close again this season by reaching the semi-finals.
All you Manchester United Fans out there! Celebrate this title and enjoy it! Cheers!
Glory Glory Manchester UNITED!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Wishinggg all motherssss....


to all the mothers in the whole sweet jolly molly world,

a BIG thank you!!! =DD


Thursday, May 08, 2008

Two days ago after err i think it was Biology paper...wait it was just YESTERDAY! haha.
okayokay, yesterday after exams we had add maths extra class its like open for anyone who's taking add maths.preparation b3fore the mid term add maths paper....
so my class teacher conducted the lesson..i thought i was lonely cause i wanted to STUDY LOL!
instead....after a few minutes my friends came in and we started i mean EVERYONE started to talk tlak and some of them were sleeping and play with the phones and laugh all around chasing each other...and me and alex and sakshi and shah was reading the news paper was lookin at ahem...something HAHA!
and then we found out dat wow!! BIG MAC~! YUMM!! and its FOC!!
condition : Must reside this sentence within 4 seconds
"Two all beef,special sauce,lettuce,cheese,pickles,onions on a sesame seed bun"
So it was my first time doing it and less than 5 trieds i got less than 4 seconds wooh0oo!!!
teacher didnt know we were doing such thingy and suddenly she comes "ANY PROBLEMMM??!!" then i said OHHH nononononon..crapping sth to cover up and then part two takes place and I made it! less than 4 seconds wooh0o!
Special thanks to,
Alex Morris - Timer boy
Sakshi - camera boy
shah fariq - video editor
puan atikah - class teacher who's voice was in the video HAHA!

watch watch is a MUST!! =D
oh pleasseeee wwaaaatttcchhh HAHAHA! =pp
its hardddworrkkkkkkk you knowww =D

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

................And somebody was too horny that day and decided to took some of my sexy parts...dang paparitzies..HAHA!

Gary and I...Gary was playin some metal song and I was emo-ing LOL!
Remember when Aladdin had a monkey called Abu, and it looks exactly like HER!! WAHAHAHA!

This is what you get when u're being a nice person sitting down getting ready to pose and suddenly *WAAAA!! DEVAAA your hair got sth wrong laaaaaa* and there Janna goes flattens my hair. =/

Candid* was watching Stomp the yard the emo part LOL

japhia (in white) looks like she:s gonna cry wAAHAH! retard. =p

WATCH WATCH!! HAHA this someone did...okay I did when err i saw sth dat catches my eye soooo enjoy!!!!

p/s : will update blog soon =DD

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

it's half way pass throughtout my exam period...gosh another 1 week ++ to goooo..
be strong tough. =P
Exams has been a pain in the butt since...errr since exams were created.dangggg..
shall not talk bout exams, i shall not talk bout happy stuff HAHA.=p
Gary came back from Penang recently =)
Tim came back from KL just for a few days just to top up his wallet from parents HAHA and then his off again to party as usual =p
Last Sunday, went makan as usual after church..
Tim asked me out for golf but i decline cause ive got exams and i feel TIRRREDDDD supaaaa TIREDD and went to Pastor's hse aparently they're weren't there so left their kids alone at home and Japhia was the maid WAHAH!
they were watching Stop the Yard when Tim and I arrvived so we joined them was supaaaaa stompinnnn..and then we had snacks, took some and eat..
finally we're late for golf was suppose to go for golf but i dont feel like going cause im having exams and i need my sweeet beauty dream sleep =)
got bullied my people as Janna and Japhia especially.mean people they are MEAAAAANN.
and the day is not complete without HER accompanying me everyday on the phone texting texting wahahaha ;) you know who you are ;)
here are some pics that were taken on sunday =D

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Exam Feverrrrrr.. bla bla blaaaa..stressingg =DD

by releasing stresss and tension in class we............

express ourselves ;)