Friday, March 27, 2009

Had our G-talk for hours LOL. and she;s becoming a mom! (:
Got forced to smilee :S

HAHAHA wthee! Alex saved this when he told me that our school principle had to repaint the basketball court cause of our vandalism painting and writing our names all around the court, and principle wanted to call our parents but but butt.....till today the freaking grafiti's still there BUAHAHAHA!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A night with full of....sakainesss nyehehe (:

the night when all the big all stars performed, (picture by Adi *ROTTW*)

WwWwWwill be posting more pictures when my streamyXXX line's not being a boasstard (:
For now...its Sunburst'09 baby!!! as usual Crossroads rocked the freaking opening show =p
And it was early bird so not many people showed up around 4-5 thousand? LOL and for Sunburst its super little and the night it reached....8-9 thousand? probably 10! or more (:
Got interviewed by Hitz and fly, pictures taken for ROTTW and Juice mag and Xpac's scrap book. Hannah tan posed with us cause she sang for one of our song XD *bangga banggaS*
I freaking threw my new drumsticks to the crowd by accident and its like 45 bucks okayss, LOL local musicians are broke =( freaking Travis Barker signature series, whoever had their hands on it, better take good freaking care of it (:
and yes yes...Korn was there as well, hung out with em at Bently music before the night they performed (: and freaking ass, i felt like a star for once HAHAH!

The no words can explain and describe how incredible these people are.

The BBQ niteee .
Cleaning the kayaks. Lu Vin did all the work actually LOL! btw, he owns 2 big clubs in Melaka and he's a singer and he's supporting one of our local band (: oh ya, he works in a bank too. HAHA rich mother fow.and and he loves tatoos and cigar.

Kayaking was an awesome experience (:

Wisdom and i, he;s the funniest guy on earth he named me Devo after some football player from...England which i think its some cock story HAHA he said Devo's a good played and all LOL! we're at the campsite after 3 hours of jungle treking (:

OutwarDBound ---- To serve, to strive and not to yield...Deva----To eat, to sleep and not to be ugly XD

My groupie was looking at some hawt.....bird? LOL

The other group, playin the acid pool .

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

OMGEE!! its been a freaking while eyy. ahahah
im so so darn sorry dear readers =(
ive been busy with camps,performances,recordings,hanging out,work,CHICKS lol (jk)

Around 3 weeks ago, i went for this camp in Outward BOund SChool organised by RYLA (Rotary....something something) darn i forgot lah okay HAHA.
As you all know Outbound's a camp training school, trains Pilots from Singapore,armies from Msia and Singapore and other defence cadet like the "tentera laut,udara,darat,angkasa diraja msia" (:
83 participants attended thos coarse from all over the world well some parts of the world =p
Msia,Taiwan,Nigeria,Vietnam and Pakistan.

The purpose of this camp is to train "we" the society to be leaders. LOL at first i thought its some cock and bull camp which 99.9999% of the participants will be guys and gays and geeks and nerds but when i reached....omgeee! started scanning around and all, and founded a few chicks LOL! and yes, the camp was no sissy ass camp. the people there are fun and friendly to be with, ahhh very very nice people. freakiing took back my worrds when i said gay and geek and all LOL.
till today i freaking miss camp =/ its like the best camp ever (:
learnt to stand out in the crowd, to be the out standing one, to be different than others and those kinda things, well enough of the formal stuff....
that 1 week was awesome! went kayaking,camping by the night in the freaking jungle, not to forget jungle trekking, which we got to use our compasss and pitch our tents by ourselves not to forget, we cooked on our own too (:
everyone was setted to their watches (group) gosh i dont know but i freaking thank God for my group members, my group was the most outstanding one, we ruled every game and task given, and at the end of the day, most of our group won most of the titles form camp, best male && female something something...and a few more =p
and OBS, its by the beach and i missed the beach like wulala, everyday ill be by the beach enjoying the breeze and all. wished i could type more but the heck, you guys will be bored reading HAHAAH! asses XD

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

When the phone rrings, KRRINNGGG KRRINGGG,
i pick up the phone and say, "yellow, blue is this?? white do you want, you dont purplely call me! you make me angry i will not call you black".

LOL! these are some script i curi from "Love Matters" (:
the awesome usage of colours lah wey!
Watched this movie with my KL friends who came back like well as usual on every Chinese show i was the only black nigga butt watching haha and of course they;re a few malays HAHA awesome! talk about perpaduan =p=p
laughed our asses off when we watched, thanks to the subtitles =p=p
Lucky day...
Work was hmmm suprisingly fun LOL well its fun everyday but today;s a lil funner cause lunch was seedappp laaaa, normally its sedap but's was more sedap-er XD
chiCken curry , it was the bomb! and while i was at my station by the pool look seeing people swimming, suddenly there;s this two *ang mo* a.k.a mat salleh a.k.a white chicks came over and being all friendly and took pictures with me HAHA!! im feeling the love baby . they were wearing only 2 piece like biKini! omggsss, then they asked for my number and all AHHA i was like zero one sixxx.....something something ************
and then again, same thing happened but this time chicks from penang cam to me and all. gosh what a day AHAH to top it of, my supervisor sent me back like wthhh darn goooood wey, my house dah lah 100000000KKKM far away from Lost World lol. and then i went to Imax and i got 3 hours free! (: and i got someVIP coupons where i can online everyday 1 hour FREE. buahaha!