Tuesday, April 29, 2008

27.4.2008 ;)

Mooky and I of One Buck Short ;)
Rithan of DejaVoodoo Spells and meeee!! =D

Me + Band and friends =D

Me and Yana of Estrela =D

Pure Vibracion and I =D

the crowd =D

Bitterrsweetness ;)

Bittersweettt!!!!!!! =DDDD

sorry for the late update, been busy hanging in my room for some reason cause my dad's at home for like the whole 2 weeks I think..LOL..
moving on..,
Been studying....been performing for some gigs....been hanging out like every weekends and the last mowie i watched was likeeee...i dont know when until last sunday with HER haha.been hanging out but oudated bout mowies =p
been playin futsal too every weekends since i've retired from sports for school =(
been practisinggg drums like maaaaadd..=p
last sat went to the campur charts by fly.fm + samsung was great met some old friends and some fellow artist friends =D

Having examss for 3 weekss started yesterday till.....i dont know...FOREVER!! haha.=ppp
not really in the mood to blog today dont know why..maybe im just tooo sleepy..been lack of sleep =((
been writing essayss for like...straight 2 days 4 papers of essayss =( dieee.
anywaysss signing off nowwww.=D

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Me(drummer of Silent Scream) and Sam (Bunkface's lead singer) @ Wuhuu 2008 concert

Sunday, April 13, 2008

will be back in actionnnn AS SOON AS POSSIBLEEE alrightss!!! ;)
short update...
-Rugby, got 2nd in the whole state (proudness proudnesss)
plus, i got selected for the state team wahahah oo bad i aint representing.examsss!!! SPM SPM focus DOOOHH.
-Gig (performance), Wuhuu 2008 @ Ipoh =D

Monday, April 07, 2008

Wooooooo...today after assembly we got our medals for sports day.=DD
this year i got 7 medals but no golds..gahhss..shows that ive grown FATTTTTTTTTTT.
4x100m (silver), 4x400m (bronze), long jump (silver), triple Hump i mean JUmp (bronze), 200m (bronze), cross country (bronze), 400m (silver) =))

Well, exams are coming YES YESS!! super fast! which is innnnn...2 weeks time..=((
so much things to revise yet so lil time. So its time to manage my tine properly and prioritise everything and shall open the book and sleep!!! wooo i mean study =pp