Sunday, September 30, 2007

To all PMR perticipance,
All the best in ur exams...and dont worry everything's gonna be aright cause Deva rawks..HAHAHA!.=p
if u cant answer any question, just put my name as the answer and your answer will be 1000% WRONG!! hahaha..=p=p well, then what else you're gonna put right? cause u dont know the answser..=p=p

so anyways, ALL THE BEST in ur PMR alright.=D
"Hidup biar lepak, results biar gempak" Deva's moto of the day..HAHAHA

went JJ to Amelia's bday party.errr so called party.=)
no further elaboration here.HAAHA.=)
skip party part.....bla bla blaaa after an hour plus plus..

went to Hairforce, Josh got his hair cut there..was hangin with yy and jx while waiting..
was my first time there...hahaa.yeah 1st time lah.=p
so was walking around reading newspaper then Charles (the principle/owner) of the saloon academy thingy complimented my hair..HAHA!! fuuh..a compliment from a profesional international hair dresser?? not bad ;)
spikyness and yeah i said thanks..
then he started to ask bout my how long i took to do my hair..who cuts my hair...
what school im from and so on..haha..then we begin to talk bout hair styles..=D
then jx and yy came to join in..then Charles took out his err blue coloured gel and put some on my make it look good..haha..fuuuh!! nice weyyss! =D
so yeah, Charles talked bout his students and bout his saloon/academy..was great talking to him..haha..saw him couple of times didnt really talked to him..saw him in my school..he;s ralated to Kishen..and dont know where the hell did Kishen went la..HAHA..miss his fat ass..Kishen is his nephew lah..=)) now i remembered.=p
so anyways, was great talking to charles.=p

im dead!! tomorrow's my final exams!!!..GAHHHH!!!!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

WADUPPP!! DUdes and DUdetS =DD
alrightey its time to bloggies..=D
to my brotha from the same motha...HAPPY (belated =p) BIRTHDAY SMALL BOY!!!

Jyi choong, my brotha from anotha motha, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DUDE!!!
p/s: sry lah whack you so hard yesterday hahaha! and thanks for the choco cakey.=D yummm

Sebastard! i mean Sebastian, HAHAH! my brotha from anotha motha a.k.a my annoying class mate, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DUDE!!!
p/s : sorry lah got to rumble jumble you like 4 times today..HAHAH..its yo birthday man.=D you know the rules =D

GAHHHH!!! im so stressed out...
my final exams is a few days time which is next MONDAY!!

so anyways, apart from the exams....
i've been watching MAD TV like a whole lot..hahahaha!!
its so funny..will post a video in a while alright so that ya all can laugh ya arses out load..and i think im mad after watching Mad Tv so much.=p

Studying like a nerd?..nahh not reli...
hahaha..just finish doing one chapter of gee, its so hard to understand such stoopid thing..stressed out.hahahaa.=p

been missing the Wifey alot!!!..gahhh
miss youu!!! =)

Thursday, September 20, 2007

910601-12-5283 LOVES 910430-01-6102

LOL.Good poser bad snooker =p
Keeping Fit...
owh 59 kg and full of FLABS!
i so got to hit the field and kick balls.
and exercise...aaaaaaa....
need go to trainingg....
im FAT well not dat but muscle-less!!..aiyaaaaaaaa...

Final exams is in.....less than 2 weeks!! im dead..
study study.=)

I miss......
I miss you baby!! =)

I love.....
I love you baby!!!!!!!! <3
She ma woman! (:
Oh Damn...
At the school canteen after school today,

Haree: Wey Deva!, you kena sacked lah wey!
Deva: WTF!, from what! when?!!!! no letters oso!!
Haree: Ping Pong club lah wey, go check the board lah.
Deva:wtf! you serious?? bloody ping pong club! no exco meetings, no nothing, i dont even know who the teachers are.stupid club. no wonder the club not happening. was alot better last year lah when Yobs was the president.

*runs out and check the board*

Deva: what the hell!!!!....

Board stated :

The Following students are being sacked from ping pong club,
Devaraj of 4sc6
Reason: Didint attend meeting (what the!, i did okaii, just dat i didnt take my attendance)
Didint carry out your duty as a mentanance director ( well, i did!well,im not the only mentanance directir around others didnt do their bloody job at all and no one noticed cause the excos were too busy talking in chinese and the heck, the clubs gonna ended up being a chinese class then with a ping pong table and bat and balls)

Stupid exco board..was speechless after reading that.
oh wells, at least i've got other bigger clubs and sports.
man, its so frustrating lah. the board didint do anything at all.dang!
stupid president damn typical ass. the board sucks to the max lah. miss the days when Yobs was the pres, was so happening. see how the club goes lah.stupid ass.members are geting lesser and lesser each week.good for them!.

ive got other clubs to concerntrate on and im doing hella great at it.=)
well, ive got tons of clubs and sports so got nothing to lose.=p
oh wells, better get it over.after all its just ping pong lah Deva.

Ahhhh Chooooo!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhh Ahhhhhh CHHHHIEEWWWW!!!!!
gahhh, been sneezing almost the whole day, suffering from nose blockage and fluness...hahaha..=)

suddenly I've got the inspiration to blog after sooooooo looooooong =)
well well, today in school, we were suppose to have Biology lesson well instead the class decided to close all the doors,off the lights, and shut up so that our Bio teacher (Ms.Louis Mary) will suspect us outa class..we were excited like anything..hahah was laughing all the while..=p
so my friend was the watch-person, then he said "Oiiii!!Black Mary's coming!!!" then we all shut up, and was giggling..and for some reason my friend just has to ruined the plan by comin in the class, he was outside act he ddint know bout the plan. soooo the plan hancur...teacher was calling " Adhwa......Adhwaaaaaaaa" while knocking the door...then suddenly the door was opened. (dang! someone didnt close the door properly)..then everyone ran ASAP to the respective table and sleep..HAHAHAH!!! oh man was so funny...then our Bio teacher shouted " what the hell are you boys trying to do huh!!!!!??!!!, im gonna call Mr.Rajan (our form4 discipline teacher)" she went out and we all went to the Bio laboratory..thennn few seconds later, mr.Rajan came with his cane..we were all..."oh shit!"
then Rajan started to bring us to the basketball court and just let us stand under the sun for 20 minutes...we were jokin with him while walking down to the court..hahaha..Rajan, was playin around too.=p
and while we were under the sun having out "sun bath" i said to everyone, "oi!, lets say sorry sir to rajan lah aiseh" then i counted 1...2...3....we all said "SORRY SIRRRRRRR" then he was like "wait there for a few minutes more laaaaa" then we all were like " aiyoooh panas lah sirrrr"..
while was sun bathing, i crack some dumbass jokes..hahaha..LOL...
then i pretended to faint..=p=p then everyone laughed..HAHA..
the best part when i asked my classmate which is the fattest boy in class and funny and dumb...
asked him to act faint, he was like, holding his songkok in his hand and faint, *BOOOMM!!!* flat he went on the ground cause he was so fat!! hahah..we all laughed like hell..and he said to us, "bagi tau mak aku, aku tak puasa hari nie, sebab tadi aku minum air deva dalam kelas" HAHAHAH we all laughed..and Rajan being a good sport laughed too..=p=p
oh man, then after 20 minutes, Rajan called us into the shade and gave us some advice and yeah we took the advice and he was talking for like 15 minutes giving us motivation to study and all. and as we entered the Bio lab, we said sorry to our Bio teacher..=p
and she was like, "if you all dont want to study better stay at home and sleep" then i said "Sorry teacher" then everyone followww in a count of 3. hahaha...
ended up we went back feeling guilty but we had fun!.=D

4 science 6 rawkss!!!! \m/

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

to all my fellow Malay friends (=
Selamat Berpuasa && tolong jangan pergi kedai mamak curi makan yer.
haha..nanti bulan puasa dah habis, pandai pandai lah ajak aku pi rumah komer untuk menjamu lemang (ahhh i miss lemang)..=D
duit rayer tu jangan pulak yer!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Deva should control himself, not to go overboard...
must control your emotions mannn...*smacks his ass*

Shouldn't have send tat email.
and now, he's hoping that things will be the same again.
he needs her right now, so badly.
dont wanna hurt her anymore.
dont wanna repeat the sme mistakes again, and he'll understand her will all his heart and soul.
he's currently feeling moodless, tears shed minutes ago feeling the regretlessness of what he has done.sorry?. no! its deeper and much more than saying sorry, as he feels bad i mean REAL bad of what happened.
and yet after all this obstacles he loves her more and more. ahhh wonderful nature of love he suppose.=)
he really needs her right now.
he mises her alot
he loves her like ALOTTTTTTTT.
and every seconds of his life revolves her.
ahhh sweet.
and to her,
Deva loves you so so much.<3

Monday, September 17, 2007

AHHHH i need to control my anger..tahan tahannnn...
no use being angry.=D be happy be happy..wheee..=D
Bitch?!! hell yeah!! HAHAHA!!..

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Ahhh...been very tired these few
well, not really, cause i skip training most of the time..HAHA..
oh wells, i just need more sleep and sleep and rest and rest..=)
gosh, i get PMS like just like that..hahaa..and today im a lil pms-sy..., while i was changing for PE in class, my friends were like "wey deva, ur body shape like gal lah!!" i said "what??!! sure anot?" then Looi, showed how my body look like in the whiteboard..hahaha..the crap! i really got a gal's body shape..malu wey!! and then whats next, im growing boobs??..stoopid estrogen im taking..hahaa..=p
oh wells, at least im sexy and cute right?.=p
so the day went preety well, did all my work and went to sleep in class.=p
oh wells, will blog like soon okaii..haha..
Janna's having the pics she took while i was playing snooker wanna see how i look like..haha..will post that one too yeah...ciaodemao for now..;)

Monday, September 10, 2007

Wednesday, September 05, 2007


ahhh...its been a long time since i really blogged..haha.. well, here's a quick one..
things been far..=p
training training..try to keep in touch with my studies as my finals are comin soon..
for the 1dt time in my life i played golf!! haha..played golf last sunday at the driving range with tim,jo,joses,nette nette,ah loy..not bad for a noob..=p
though i miss a lot of hits..haha..=p=p
and i dress with a big t-shirt and big shorts of ah loy's..=p
so neways, im off to Anderson field for rugby..=DD
hope to make it to the state level..gonna kick ass like last year and state champ, will be ours wooh0o0.;)
will be updating ASAP yeah..;)
keep visiting yoyo.;)