Thursday, January 29, 2009

ahem, the Chinese new year celebration has always been awesome and prospereeess in Ipoh the one and only time where ipoh is packed and crowded with"leng luis" and bapoks i mean only leng lui LOL!!
will blog a proper CNY post after CNY (:
been busy with work, and hanging put plus, im teaching drums baby LOL!
been catching up and down with friends the whole week and got sunburnt as well =S
and they said, Ipoh is famous for its leng lui-ity oh heck yeah! ahah only on CNY only lah XD
well, reunion dinner wasss alright i guess where by me and dad stil aren't in good terms so yeaaaaaa, oh wells, but mom's been the one supporting me and all (:
most of my friends are back since Christmas been hanging at the same old JJ almost every weekend yum cha-ing almost every night LOL. thinking back bout our schooling days ahhh...bittersweet XD
oH wells, will be back in a few......days XD
toodles for now.

Bought this shirt like today XD
Nicolahh the dumbolah XD

Friday, January 23, 2009

FadLee cought sleeping during workin hours ZZZzzZZZzzzz... XD
i slept like 45minutes and i thought i was the only one sleeping LOL! went next door and see...boyy ohhhh boyyyyy (:

YES YES YESS!!! my hair's growing HAHAH =p=p
slowly laaaa LOL!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

fuuh! havent been blogging for like AGEESSSS.

well, nothing much been happening lately, been err err working,hanging out as usual catching up with friends who's back for the holidays and so on. hardly got the time to go online and blog =(
dad's always around so yeaaa cant wait for CNY to come tho wooh0o0o al the red packets fille with $$$ baby XD
my friends and i planned to go on a roadtour LOL! to go from house to house and collect "ang paos" XD so people i mean auntys and uncles go filled em red packets with *ching ching* HAHA =p
Ive been experimenting with a new band called "Penyeri Malam" and we hope to make it big like my band Crossroads, songs out on radio and tv and all LOL! ahh Penyeri Malam....jammin day was awesome! Amy(rhytem guitarist/vocalist) has great songs just ready to be recorded. cant wait to finish our EP/Demo and then here we come XD
Crossroads,.no news till...after CNY (:
family first laaaa wey LOL!
taking a break after a long december .

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


RM45 : Monthly
RM10 : Registration fees
Address : No:5B,Ting.2,
Medan Kidd,
30200 Ipoh.
(Beside Inopen Tuition Centre)
Tel Number :
016-5667809 (Abg Koni)
016-5947609 / 017-5557572 (Deva)
*Experienced and talented drum tutor.
*Improves your skills and drumming
*Professional Recording Drumset.
**Do not miss this chance to be a great

[Support your local music scene. PEACE!!]

Saturday, January 10, 2009

wooh0o0o0o (:
and and.....danggg i miss schoooo0o0o0o0oLLL =(

i'm Teaching Drums yo,
anyone interested gimme a call or tag me on the chatterbox alrightt XD

Monday, January 05, 2009

i wanna go back to SCHOOOLLL =((
i miss getting cought for having spiky hair, miss stealing fruits from the old blur dumb butt aunty in the canteen and getting free drinks and "kacang putih" =(
i miss skipping biology and chemistry class ahh. *CRIES*
i miss mr.chong cheee bbbb *tooot* LOL!

aiyaahh whatever lahh, live must go on (:

Going to the filipines on the end of May to perform a concert tour about 10 days XD
wooh0o0o0o.cant wait..

Saturday, January 03, 2009

*BOOOOOMMMMM*** (fireworkssss))
byebye 2008 here i come 2009!! (:

New year's resolution....
  • To be rich
  • to be sexy
  • to be hawt
  • to be a rockstar
  • to be a bigger pain in the butt =p
  • to be fit and muscular LOL!
  • to be a better punk
  • to get tatooed
  • to get another piercing

to get married and have grand childrens

well, maye my resolution's too err err impossible HAHA but wth lah (: I'll just be a better person in and out XD

*Misssingggg somebodyyyy which reminds me wayyyy back in 2005 (;

was doing the err Loser flag. LOL got cought in action =/
niCole and ShaRon @ Nicole's

A mini discococo ball on stage. (picture curi-ed from janna's blog)



The people who err took part in the best dress comp for the 80's night, there was more but somehow they went HILANG lol.

being our very own self.

Ahem...backside seller HAHA!

The Punkrock OBaMA . (:

Nicole found me working LOL! wth.

The Crowd (aftermath)

Rock the world was AWESSSOMMEE! (:
WOOH0o0o0o!! im backkkkk!
gosh its time to @#$%^ update (:
Christmas was awesome!!!
the 80's party was well....alright LOL! didnt won the best dress i was like SAAADD )':
will post some pictures to let ya'll see what i wore LOL!
went to NIcoLe's place for Christmas meal, the only thing she made was cutting the eggs, and one egg took her 2 minutes to cut HAHA! wthhh q:
had fun chit chattin like small lil kiddies while watching White Chicks (agaiN)
Been sick for almost 2 freaking weeks, lacking of good sweet night rest and lack of love (LOL)
oh yeah been lacking of time tooo mother @#$%^&* i need more timee laaaa. Still cant decide which college to go to and i freaking rejected a few scholarships like @#$%^&*(!! due to err err coarse offered isn't my interest Like business,commerse,marketing bla bla bla...LOL
i wanna be a ROCKSTARRR (:
oh wells, im still busy doing what other rockstars do LOL! been busy working my ass off, making new songs, thought of a few skits and performed for rock the world 8 (:
moving on to the New Year....
it was a blast at the Lost World"s new year's eve beach party XD
the beach was super packed and full with peopleee, whole bunch of my friends were like crazy and all lol. music was awesome, well it was...ahh ahhhh an okay thingy 7/10 ratings LOL.
havent got enuf slep since then slept for like 2 hours and then went to work ON A NEW YEAR"S DAY =/
Been Spending time with my old friends to catch up with em and since this is the 1st year ill be celebrating Christmas here, it wasn;t that bad after all, got to talk to the people i havent been talking to for like 2 yrs? LOL. rebuild some relationships and yeah, it was great to forgive and forget once of what went wrong (:
and Rums was definately awesome! LOL.