Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Phillipines here I come!!!! (:
will be away for 10 days, be back with pickatures well...hopefully cause some people are toooooo stingy to lend me their camera, its only a camera dumbie! better be missing meee XD
he still can pose with his leg...*THUMBS UP*
His SHUFFLE gang signed his leg LOL!

Brotherly Brother...
My a very....clumsy person XD
*According to mom* He went to school and the school hall was packed and filled with people and there he was SHUFFLING with his friends in the hall trying to show his machoness or perhaps his "sexyness" to the chicks at school and somebody accidentely pushed him to the door and he fell and broke his legs. After hearing this i laughed my buttt off to the core i laughed non stop.
Pity me cause normally he'll help me to get my things and all but now....i got to get it on my own oh man the torture wwithout an assistant =p

Friday, May 08, 2009 A*$
yeah yeah call your self a "FRIEND" ohhh, when you're down and emo and wwhat so ever..."deva deva im emooo how la howw??"
and when its my turn to be all cranky....."chill lah brooo chilll, oh yeah i gtg lah got something to do weyy busy laa busy". and it happened like...a few times . ahh screw people like that .

and i like what Xian said,
"Party like a rockstar, look like a moviestar, fcuk like a pornstar" nyehehe! (:

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

is super #$%^& pist off!!!
nobody in the family's helping, im here still waiting for my scholarshit and its been quite a while since ive applied and i doubt i can get em and which mom wont help their kid to persue their studies further....well mine doesn't careless. Every $%^& thing ive got to do by my own self well here am i busy supporting my own life with NO ONE (mom) is helping to at least look for a scholarshit for my studies. arghh!!! want me to be out from the house so badly, but did nothing to keep me away with something behind like my studies. heck no, im not gonna do music fulltime! loook at the industry now...arghhh. and everything is too late to apply now i think ive got to wait until next year and by that time ill be like the stoopid one left behind while the others have finished their foundation or what so ever degreee.


Monday, May 04, 2009

If i were to follow my heart....words couldn't tell what would i do to you if i were to see your stoopid face. arghh!!
Just got this feeling that i don't like err err...stubborn people LOL! well who does?! =p
taking a week break off work, gonna get much more rest and to settle the upcoming performance which will be at The Regency Tower Hotel, Ipoh. its an open prom night event from aged...for the schooling people (:
My band wont be playin but ill be pulling musicians from other band and we'll form from scratch a new one just for the prom, HARDWORKK . gahss.

Ipoh....gahss its been dead for ages eversince i moved here,
year after year they'll be people leaving, and what bout me?! im here all alone in this ugly dead butthead town where most people are...sakais HAHA! not ALL but some i know they'll be like some jakuns from lala land who cant accept new things and how people are. Especially those people younger than me and the people from my badge. They just cant get em selves some lives. what a pity, oh wells cant blame em, they're born to be donkeys.

Mom as usual being all PMSy, nag nag .
Dad's away for...2 weeks?! woooooO!!! AMEN AMEN!
Brother.....being annoyingly annoying.

neighbours.....being all quiet as always =p

Gigs and performances keep coming and ive barely got the time to practise, lacking of precious sleep as always, i think ive said this one billion times HAHA.
and im getting blacker by the day working under the hawt sun, with the stoopid undecisive weather, rain...stop....sunnie....rains heavily...stop...sun comes out and then it rains again.....ahh what the crap its giving me headaches .