Saturday, February 03, 2007

HEyyy guys and galss!!..
very sorry for not been updating my dear dearrrest blogg for sooooooo looonngg..hehehe!!!
sorry sorry sorry!!!...=DDDD

Been very busy these days...
with training and practices...
rugby league jus ended for the under 18....we lost!!!! the game held yesterday at SMK.Gunung Rapat...well, at least get to know some girls..wakakak!!.=pp..
and football and hand ball trainin still on every evening...
oh yeah, not to forget we still got under 16's premier rugby league which is i think either on Mac or July...hmmmm....FORGOT..hehe..=ppp

And guess what!!!..
I got the main actor for the inter school drama~!!...
will be representing school in the Inter School Drama comp..
well, normal laa Deva main actor..HAHA!!..=ppp..
last year was the main actor too..but too bad we hav to pull out cause we dont hav much time to practise....well, this year, we gonna kick ass!! muahaha!!..=ppp...

and and and not to forget!!!!....
IU Day issss errrr around the corner,
which my band got called to play again this year!!!!
wooho0o0O!!!!...KampuNk PiSaNg BaND!!! haha.=pp
i think the event is on 1st week of April if im not mistaken...
oh wells....
we've prepared a list of songs...
andddddddd.....ive decided not to tell you guys...HAHAH!!
suprise lah!!!...alaaa...wanna tell tell..hmphh..=pp hehee...

okok..bout the drums thingy,
hmmm..ive spoken to the president of Interact club, and ive requested them to sponcer us a in to rent a drumset from a local music store...
well, they said they'll think bout it and all..cause it might cost alot..
stupid music store charge so expensive no wonder local talents cant show their stuff..=ppp hahah!!

and and andd!!!!..
guess what!!!!
im getting my Travis Barker drumstick soon!!..which iss on chinese new year!! wooho0!!!..
thanks to me friendly neighbour..=pp haha!!..
me football mate...which named MAN-U (not real name) said, he'll get 4 me my dream stick!!
was frekking happy!!! wakakakak!!!...
so last but not least,
thx for viewing me blog!!!!
God Bless!!..
hahaha!! muakxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx!!!

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