Sunday, March 18, 2007

YOYO!!!!!...went Camerons for DC Camp onnnnn uesday till Friday...
was a great experience...very tiring..aint got much sleeeeep...
till today...having fever now...
tmr's skewl...gosh!!..
skewl suck!!...=ppp
gonna TRY sleep early tonight..=p
still got some homeworks to finish..
i hate hwss!!!..
cant enjoy hols..
whats the meaning of a holiday with a homework??!!..stuuupiddd!!..

  • had night games....hmmm its called "wizards of the throne"??..something like that..=ppp and our group won...its sth like a treasure hunt..but its fun with the wizards and orgs!...haha its bout teamwork and group wasnt bad lah..was the group leader though..=p got 4th place overall..
  • band was great!!!...kick butt!! aha..=D
  • not soo bad compare to the last time i came..=p
  • station games??!! really need to understand eachh other! not everyone can do dat...our group kinda suck haha!..=p oh wells we tried our best.=D
  • hmmm....dats it??..i think..more info ask me lah... *headache!!!!*

here are some pics dat my friends took..=DD
enjoyy.... * look up!!! *

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