Tuesday, July 03, 2007

arghhH!!!...whats wrong with this blogger thingy laaaaaahh..
i cant blog properly..sorry guys and gals and gramps and undle and aunties...
i know ya all missing me badly..haha..
stoopid blogger thingy..

well,here's a lil lil lil tinny minnie update..
well, rugby, we got 4th in the state..well not so good..
hmmm...studies getting a hang of it..
everything's fine..me and the woman getting on awesome and great as always..haha..
muakx!! after a heart breaking moments...thank God for everything that is possible..=D

i've found this advertisement bout our 50th years of independence..
must watch okaii!! =DD hehehe..
and and some pics i found in my files..=p=p
oh yeah!! i forgot...sighh sad sad...my brother, Gary chong Khin jin left to pg to persue his studies..what a sad news...sighhh...again im missing another band member..
and a friend not only a friend but a best friend..=D
dont blush gary when u read this..i mean dont cry.=p

i'll be back bloggin soon okaii..
gonna sleep now..as i slep in class like a pig..haha..
aint got enuf sleep these days...

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