Friday, August 10, 2007

Alrightey im officially back in action..=D wooh0o0o!!! *crowd goes wild* hahaa..=pp
sorry for being away for a long long u all miss mi rightt???..=p=p now now dont lie..HAHAHA..
my computer's been busted for like 2 weeks++ and now im back..=D
got me a brand new pc..wooh0o0!!..
still getting use to this Vista thingy..its a new more XP XP..=p
these days been really hectic, as ive got rugby training and comp going on..
and interact installation day to attend..
hmmm...dang lah..skipped youth like what..2 weeks??!! i wanna go youth..
and tmr ive got to go MC for their installation day...and im playin drums for to cari replacement..sighhh..i wanna play lah!!..babi betul..
neways...been emo-ing the past few days..joycey lah..haha.
no phone all..susahhhh nyer..=p
so anyways been really pist these few days too..u know lah this installation day its kinda last minute thingy..the pres didnt really inform me properly..and liike what, ive got to take out my own $$ to pay the fees?..kick ass lah...
and rugby, sighhhh...
shitty la...2 lost 2 wins...hopefully we kick ass and enter top 6..
pray pray!!!...train hard..=D
and now im still deciding whether to play anot tmr for youth..sighhh...
arghhh...dumb lah..everything is so last minute..
no wonder every1 dont like the press uh...
sighhh...emo ing again..sighhh...cause of the lost of the game is ME!! so weak...damn la..wish im a lil bigger and alert..
neways i shall be back with some pics at the rugby game soon..
sighhh...for now...u all take care and better miss me!!..haha..=p=p
oh yeah..anyone who wants SMI drama ticket come come keep in touch with me yeah...
i still got 2 saturday tickets..=D

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