Sunday, December 09, 2007

first of all.sorry for not updateing for a looooooong looooooong time..been busy working and when i come back home there the man (dad) sitting on the couch relaxing watching tv and i cant online gah..haha and im dead tired and stuff..fuhhhh lack of sleep =)
using this free time oppurnity to get my ass online and update a lil whats been going on.=D
well, work as usual was fun yet tiring, got tan and my skin especially my feet are peeling off to the core gahh it was a pain in the arse LOL. tend to spend too much time in the water that is why.

well, moving on...
there's a BIG problem bout my salary, i came to know that i interpreted the info bout getting my pay wrongly.i'll be geeting my pay every fifteenth of the month so on the 15th of dec i'll be getting last month's pay which is Nov and this month (dec) i'll be getting it only next year..and how !@#$%^&* is dat.=)
as im going to KL and back my hometown with 250++?? gahh really made me pist off..
and what is the point of me getting paid next month while ive got a very big exam coming up and i dont wanna hang so much..gahh..pist man..

So moving on are some pics me and friends took during one of the hang outs....
aint really in the mood to blog or to talk right now..=D
wil be back in action soon..and sorry for the late updates and so on yeah.heheeee..

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