Tuesday, April 29, 2008

sorry for the late update, been busy hanging in my room for some reason cause my dad's at home for like the whole 2 weeks I think..LOL..
moving on..,
Been studying....been performing for some gigs....been hanging out like every weekends and the last mowie i watched was likeeee...i dont know when until last sunday with HER haha.been hanging out but oudated bout mowies =p
been playin futsal too every weekends since i've retired from sports for school =(
been practisinggg drums like maaaaadd..=p
last sat went to the campur charts by fly.fm + samsung was great met some old friends and some fellow artist friends =D

Having examss for 3 weekss started yesterday till.....i dont know...FOREVER!! haha.=ppp
not really in the mood to blog today dont know why..maybe im just tooo sleepy..been lack of sleep =((
been writing essayss for like...straight 2 days 4 papers of essayss =( dieee.
anywaysss signing off nowwww.=D

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