Sunday, June 08, 2008

US =)

smack me baby smaaaaaackkk meeeeeeee

they both in real life and on set =p

dumb flash

beremooooo causee i cant text HER =/

actually i was posing =p HAAHAH!

mak cik deva

the cow (mun siong) and I
jump jumpp woooo
im feeling hawt rawrr and Ding got horny =D he thought i was beyonce

they love each other =D

tiredness strikes

makan to the max maxx
ber poyo

deva,jia yao and tracy

Theo's promoting GHEE =p

Tying to be sexy butt..sighhhhh tak jadi =/

theo a.k.a Zerxis =)
during the shooting
ice cream =DD
the beach =D

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