Saturday, June 27, 2009

Movie time...
well, as i forgotten so mention, I watched Terminator Salvation in the Philipines on the day it first came out. Its an awesome my awesome movie which I got to watch it twice =p
and on the 1st day of Transformers came out ticket were sold out in Ipoh so it was a bummer i got to sit at home and be a bump which i watched "Be cool" on 8tv, it was a funny butt show LOL. which i think im gonna download it later. ill try to get tickets for transformers tmr (saturday) which is barely impossible to get cause its the weekends and everyone's so eager to watch it (:

A lil update on the "Prom D' something something" (ive forgotten what was it called)
it was held on last friday which my 3rd band and i performed and we were called " The jackoff project" because our Vocalist Tom loves Jacking off LOL!
overcall the Prom wasn't up to expectation and it didnt really completed it main purpose so most of the crowd went missing out from the hall and the activities and programme wasn't followed properly. but there's always a 1st time for everything including the organisers and all. But for my band and i, we've been doing this one billion trillion million times LOL an sad to say it was the worst one ever and its alright cause we didnt really expect much for a small start (:
heading to our next prom performance wil be at the JW. mariott hotel in KL which ive performed for 3 times and it was an awesomely awesome prom (:
and im looking forward to it end of this year.

Everyone's seem to be baccckkkk! (:
well, i came to realise that most of my friends are back from where they're studying so im superly excited bout hanging out and all XD

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