Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Been lazying around in my house for almost 4days already since the rugby match...which is on sunday..and stayed in the hotel on saturday night...
tons of stupid funny butt things been happening lately..hahaha!..
and im feeling kinda lazy to blog it out...too much details...lazy to write..=p=p
during the stay in the hotel, which is me and my rugby team which include other skewls frm other district....
the guys toilet was full and i decided to bath in the woman's toilet cause the whole block was occupied by guys (rugby people)....i went in and took my bath..and sudenly i heard some woman's voice!!! dead!!!..totally dead!!!...i kept quiet...there're like 5 of them...i think the women are frm the Islam haji haji seminar...hahah!
so anyways, i was stuck in the girls toilet got half an hour...
after one woman went out another 1 came in..
i was so scared in there..and i prayed to hard!!!! dat they wont find out dat there's a guy in da toilet..hahaha!!..or they'll freaak the hell out..
one of the woman told her friend dat this fella(me) used the toilet so long wonder what "she" doing in there..hahahah!!

ook...skip few parts....i got out of the toilet safe and sound..hahah!!>.every1 laughed at me..arrrrr...hahah!!..=p

well game time!!..=p=p
we lost...!!..=(
got 1st in 2nd division thou....
bad bad!!! but i did enjoyed..tackling people down!! hahaa..tackled 4 fellaz in one time...was great man!!!...
ahhhhh...yeahh so dats ittt...yoyo dong...=D

[[[[ P/S : MR.EGGIE AND MS.MAGGI!!!]]]]

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