Thursday, November 23, 2006

Well, been sick for three days already...fever,flu and caugh!..
man, flu's irritating!... keep sucking mucus! haha..=p=p
keep sneezing and all...sleeping late is the cause!!...

went to Elaine birthday party today..which is held at Eve's Deli...
hahaha!!! aik!!...almost everyweek i go there to have my lunch..=D talk bout regular customer..haha!
went great....My darls MAggi was there...Steph (awwww) ahaha!!..and the bday girl..;D
well and others of course..:D

I wanted to look for a job...and i found BAskin Robbins!! hahaha..=pp
i filled in the application form and im waiting for a call whether i got the job or not...=)
hopefully i got it..:D hehehe..
so yeah, if i got the job..u guys will be seeing me at JJ everyday!!! wakakakak!!..=p=p
well.....nothing reli much happened this hols...hmmmm....
jus waiting for a job and spend time with MAGGI!! hahah..=p=p

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