Monday, December 04, 2006

im very very sorry for not bloggin for quite sometime!! been busy with all sort of stuff!!! haha
and Christmas is comin!!! wooh0o0!! i cant wait.;.and today SPM's ovaa!!..wooh0o0o!!..its party time..well im not taking SPM..but i got car!! ahah..well., my frends hav and i can tumpang!!..waakakakk!!
been working at KAfe Paprika which is Allan's resturant..a very expensive dining place...some where loacated at Bercham,Ipoh...
pay?..hmm 20bucks 4hours of working...weekends nie..hehe..
and gonna apply for 1919 tmr..hehee...gaji pun can tahan weh!! hehehe...=p=p

Been busy hanging out too...fuuhh!!..went out almost everyday..hehehe..=p=p
training starts back this week..and lots of stuff been gg on...fuuhh!!!..
lazy wana write down...hahah..too many..=p=p
oh yeah busted modem!!! will be performing!!...wooh0o0o0..will post the templetes soon okaii!!..hehehe..=p=p

watched almost every mowie in town d..haahh!!..
will be gg down kay Ell 2 weeks time..wooh0o0o0!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
oh yeah.and being emo now..
im EMO this hols...argh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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