Thursday, May 08, 2008

Two days ago after err i think it was Biology paper...wait it was just YESTERDAY! haha.
okayokay, yesterday after exams we had add maths extra class its like open for anyone who's taking add maths.preparation b3fore the mid term add maths paper....
so my class teacher conducted the lesson..i thought i was lonely cause i wanted to STUDY LOL!
instead....after a few minutes my friends came in and we started i mean EVERYONE started to talk tlak and some of them were sleeping and play with the phones and laugh all around chasing each other...and me and alex and sakshi and shah was reading the news paper was lookin at ahem...something HAHA!
and then we found out dat wow!! BIG MAC~! YUMM!! and its FOC!!
condition : Must reside this sentence within 4 seconds
"Two all beef,special sauce,lettuce,cheese,pickles,onions on a sesame seed bun"
So it was my first time doing it and less than 5 trieds i got less than 4 seconds wooh0oo!!!
teacher didnt know we were doing such thingy and suddenly she comes "ANY PROBLEMMM??!!" then i said OHHH nononononon..crapping sth to cover up and then part two takes place and I made it! less than 4 seconds wooh0o!
Special thanks to,
Alex Morris - Timer boy
Sakshi - camera boy
shah fariq - video editor
puan atikah - class teacher who's voice was in the video HAHA!

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