Tuesday, May 06, 2008

it's half way pass throughtout my exam period...gosh another 1 week ++ to goooo..
be strong Devvv...be tough. =P
Exams has been a pain in the butt since...errr since exams were created.dangggg..
shall not talk bout exams, i shall not talk bout happy stuff HAHA.=p
Gary came back from Penang recently =)
Tim came back from KL just for a few days just to top up his wallet from parents HAHA and then his off again to party as usual =p
Last Sunday, went makan as usual after church..
Tim asked me out for golf but i decline cause ive got exams and i feel TIRRREDDDD supaaaa TIREDD and went to Pastor's hse aparently they're weren't there so left their kids alone at home and Japhia was the maid WAHAH!
they were watching Stop the Yard when Tim and I arrvived so we joined them was supaaaaa stompinnnn..and then we had snacks, took some pics...eat and eat..
finally we're late for golf was suppose to go for golf but i dont feel like going cause im having exams and i need my sweeet beauty dream sleep =)
got bullied my people as usual..by Janna and Japhia especially.mean people they are MEAAAAANN.
and the day is not complete without HER accompanying me everyday on the phone texting texting wahahaha ;) you know who you are ;)
here are some pics that were taken on sunday =D

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