Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I totally forgot what to blog about!! HAAHAH.
okay here goess...something random i think.
ASS PEE AMM's coming..
feeling a lil cranky alreadyy, been studying super hard like crazy but not enoughh crazy LOLschool as usual...B O R I N G. its not what it used to be the happening good old days sighh =/
an im certainly missing all my sports training and wtv club meetings and all =(

I've been hellaa brooookeee and i need too shop shop till i DROOOOOP .
been wearing the same old clothes over and over again =( im poorrrr laah
and i still cant remember what i wanted to blog about haaha ive been crapping weyss..ahhh here goes some pics from performance with DEJA VOODOO SPELLS and Silent Scream ;)
played for some recent gigs =D
and why the heck does it got to rain everydayyyyyy
i wanna play football laahhhh..LOL
and and goshhh olympics ahhh!! im missing olympics already especially runnin danggggg...
run run runn...WOOOOOOOSHHH freaking Usain Bolt broke 2 world records wait, 3! uncluding relay. and Michael something something 8 gold medals? and broke his old world records??!! dumb butt swimmer he is HAHA =p
and silver....LOL DATOK LEE CHONG WEI got a silver medal after he got defeated by LINDAN gahss neeverminddd nevermind Malaysia BOLeh LOL

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