Tuesday, August 12, 2008

whyyy lahhh i didnt get NS whyy ohh whyyy...i really wanted to go NS since like err err since whenever NS was established LOL.
i can give 10 reasons why i wanna go NS =p

  1. FREE FOOD! talking bout 6 times of makan time perday =)
  2. make new friends.
  3. free army boots (not funny okays they're nice =p)
  4. train myself not to be lazy
  5. wear those army stuff, kinda cool tho
  6. their activities are fun fun fun..
  7. wanna get BALDDDD (botak rocks)
  8. i miss marching..
  9. can bath with 1000 people in one huge tub LOL.
  10. finally,.....I WANNA FREAKING SHOOT A GUN =(
i wanna go NS =((
sighh, my curicular's too good to enter NS lol =(

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