Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Started on errr monday which I forgot what date LOL and ends on the.....which I forgot when also haaha. what i know i screwed my history paper yesterday and today =/
but i think i rocked my Bm and English paper oh yeah plus MOral HAHA! =p
cant wait till trial's over and im gonna rest but at the same time study for the real SPM.
been really exhauted lately stressing out to finish all the chapters to study especially stupid science subjects (Bio,chem && phy)
all the best for those who's having UPSR (LOL!, i remember those days) and SPM trials =)
tip from deva....any question that you dont know how to answer, just mention my name tree times (DEVA!DEVA!DEVA!) and write down his name at the empty blank and wallalalaa, ur answer is absoloutely correct (results may vary) HAAHHA!

I'll be baccckk after trials muahaha (or maybe not, it depends =p)

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