Thursday, September 25, 2008

IM baaaackkkK!! afer 1234567890123456789 billion SECONDS LOL!
1.MOdeling (dont laugh you asses) HAhA! well modelled for some beach party organise by Olympia College called the "O'night" its their Orientation Night for graduate this year. Been pulled by to err model some traditional clothes?? and i thought it said i wan like wear my crappy skinny jeans and tight baju all HAHA oh wells, i weore samfoo by the way XD
2.Performing (as usual :P) @ the beach party with DJ SKeletor && DJFuzz.
-SMI's Six Form Night Next saturday xD
-Closing of SUmmer Sensation, Roxy && QuiksiLver Revolution
3.Been BUsy witl TRIALSS...and finally... Its OVER!! wooh0o0osss!!
well, not really busy with trials HAaha, been busy reunion-ing with old friends =p
and been having outings with my classmates before SPM and before we leave to our own paths of life =(

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