Tuesday, February 10, 2009

YAHOOOOWWW, ahem..im back (shhhhhh)
FUUH, been preeeeety busy with performances and work and of course hanging out with "kutu malam" a.k.a night bug. LOL!

a lil update on the music side,
Ker@boo gig was awesome it was on the 31st of Jan venue....Next to Yeanyean's house HAhAAH!! well the studio's next to house anyways =P

next IpoH big thing will be held on the 28th of this month at the PBSM place thing next to Bomba punya stadium...err errr around there lah HAhAHA! see a billion of people with indie poyo dressings..ahh that's the right place LOL!

and the very very next BIG BIG thing in the nation....SUNBURST baby!! wooh0o0 its a must to go and PLEASEEE comeee see us (:

ahemmm a lil rewind in the previous agendy was the Chinese New Year..
well ang paos....well it decreased due to me not going visiting to my friend's house LOL most of the time with family and work =/
well, it was awesome not to say like i regret not getting ang paos or wtv but its the company that counts right right! HAHA =p

Philipines concert tour is coming up, will be held on late May.
will be a 10 days tour playin in 6 cities,cant wait to go wooh0o0 !!

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