Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Whoever who gets tagged, has to write 10 things about the person who tagged him/her :
  1. She's small sized but has a very loud voice
  2. she loves music as much as i do
  3. she plays the keyboard
  4. she's a tecktonicaholic =p
  5. she's super funny && like to buat lawak gila babi
  6. she loves to do the tektonic dance
  7. she;s my shuffle partner whenever we go clubbing
  8. her looks are innocent but she's not (HAHA!)
  9. she;s cute when she;s emo
  10. she has big eyes O.O
  11. she loves PETAIIIIII
  12. she tak suka gedik chicks =p
  13. she freakingly loves converse as much as i do
  14. she;s a student at.....i forgot where =p
  15. she think she's 153cm tall
  16. she loves to sleep and eat like a babi
  17. ppl may mistaken her for a 10 yr old school girl =p
  18. she's crazy after 12am
  19. she's always happy go lucky

The person who who got tagged, has to write 10 things about herself/himself :

  1. Drummer
  2. Hot
  3. sexy
  4. macho
  5. handsome
  6. Crazy
  7. Smart only at times
  8. looks at the car or motorbikes mirror whenever i see one
  9. loves music so so so darn much
  10. a big fat ass PERASAN person (:

Here's the twist, if I tagged you, and you must write 20 things about ME, you can only take 5 or less from above. The other five or more will have to be from you.

I tag.....

everyone in my freaking blog list XD

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