Monday, May 04, 2009

Just got this feeling that i don't like err err...stubborn people LOL! well who does?! =p
taking a week break off work, gonna get much more rest and to settle the upcoming performance which will be at The Regency Tower Hotel, Ipoh. its an open prom night event from aged...for the schooling people (:
My band wont be playin but ill be pulling musicians from other band and we'll form from scratch a new one just for the prom, HARDWORKK . gahss.

Ipoh....gahss its been dead for ages eversince i moved here,
year after year they'll be people leaving, and what bout me?! im here all alone in this ugly dead butthead town where most people are...sakais HAHA! not ALL but some i know they'll be like some jakuns from lala land who cant accept new things and how people are. Especially those people younger than me and the people from my badge. They just cant get em selves some lives. what a pity, oh wells cant blame em, they're born to be donkeys.

Mom as usual being all PMSy, nag nag .
Dad's away for...2 weeks?! woooooO!!! AMEN AMEN!
Brother.....being annoyingly annoying.

neighbours.....being all quiet as always =p

Gigs and performances keep coming and ive barely got the time to practise, lacking of precious sleep as always, i think ive said this one billion times HAHA.
and im getting blacker by the day working under the hawt sun, with the stoopid undecisive weather, rain...stop....sunnie....rains heavily...stop...sun comes out and then it rains again.....ahh what the crap its giving me headaches .

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