Tuesday, May 05, 2009

is super #$%^& pist off!!!
nobody in the family's helping, im here still waiting for my scholarshit and its been quite a while since ive applied and i doubt i can get em and which mom wont help their kid to persue their studies further....well mine doesn't careless. Every $%^& thing ive got to do by my own self well here am i busy supporting my own life with NO ONE (mom) is helping to at least look for a scholarshit for my studies. arghh!!! want me to be out from the house so badly, but did nothing to keep me away with something behind like my studies. heck no, im not gonna do music fulltime! loook at the industry now...arghhh. and everything is too late to apply now i think ive got to wait until next year and by that time ill be like the stoopid one left behind while the others have finished their foundation or what so ever degreee.


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