Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hello GoodbYe.
Saturday, Limei aka Dora the explorer (she loves Dora :p) is leaving off the Aussie well initially on that day itself i was supposed to go out with Lilly aka Dumba$$ but since Dora's leaving on the next day so we decided to hang out b3fore she leave (:
we took sticker pikatures and walk around while laughing our butt off talking all the nonsense in the world as usual Lilly was the crappiest but Dora...she's the queen above all crappy queen.
will be missing Dora till she;s back. BYEBYE DORAAAA.
and Lilly, u're stuck with me MUAHAHA, ahem :p

*ps, im deva aka ben 10 LOL!

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