Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Feeling hungry all the time and my tummy...sighh i think i need a portable one so that when i feel hugry ill Just take off my tummy and let it suffer till it sleeps and then ill put it back again. LOL! what a crappy introduction, anyways, I have been busy with work, recordings, whatever organising commitee meetings for our upcoming mini gigs and acoustic session by the roadside i mean at the studio.
My brother has been, becoming like me well into all this skinny jeans and tight shirt and into all this emo punk music ahh just scare dad will do the same to him like what he did to me. advise bro adviseee (: *if u're reading this, dont be so poyo okay :p*
My long lost friends are back *yahoo!* been chiling and hanging out with them just like old times but yeahhh people somehow change and acting all wierdish maybe im still living in the kampOng lol.

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