Monday, August 17, 2009

AHHHH my blog!!! I love youu XD

okay that was preety random, anyways I havent been really really blogging suddenly i've got this inspiration to blog well not really but just for the sake of posting LOL!

Heard on today well 2 days back i think, some top msian blogger was on the radio I'm like...i wana get interviewed on air too!! I wanna be Audrey something something :p

3 more weeks and im off facing the world of books again, urghh, studyyyy =/

Feeling all the feeling in the world right now, anxious, excited, hapy, sad, emo, crazeee...*list goes on* trying to spend time with my friends before i leave and trying to work my butt off to get some $$ to live on before i leave.

okay im gonna leave my blog hanging...*runs out to get....leters from the mailbox*

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