Sunday, August 02, 2009

yes yes yessss i know i havent been blogging for quite a while now, SORRRRYYYYY.
havent been inspired by anything lately except being a bum and getting more and more fats and being a pain in the ass to most of the people around :p (SORRYYY)
Good news,
I got a scholarship to go to err errr SEGi, Damansara to take MassComm
*AMEN AMEN!! Thank you Lord*
Will be starting on the 8th of Sept (: bout nothing to blog about,
my mind's empty all i can think about is my financial status =/
im broke...BROOOKKEEEE.
and talk about the most annoying person in da house, my g-mom.
KURANG ASAMM punya orang.
*p/s, ...... oh nothing LOL.

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