Tuesday, September 01, 2009

alright alright starting from the opening of the DJ School located in...I dont know where exactly is that place but its upstairs of Barroom. Its the VIP party which includes fooood, music and close friends of Donald (tauke) Together Jo, Ter and i checked out the place and got warm welcome from the staff and I had the most sushi of my life been eating like some pig havent got sushi in life before and for dessert, JELLY! omg i think i took half of the plate served on the table so yeahhh :p
We hitted Barbezah next for pizza and as usual i love tabassscoo and my lips and tongue went numb for a while after putting a trillion drops of it to my pizza, kinda forgot what we pizza we had but it was goooooood the best one in da house (:

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