Tuesday, September 01, 2009

MERDEKAHHH MERDEKAAAHHHH!!!! wishing Malaysia a very happy 52nd birthday I love youuuu Malaysiaaasss.

Went to catch up with some legal street racers checked out some cars and bikes OMG its like FnF Ipoh version :P
the car sound system and a few of my friend's car its like the bomb i didnt know they've got such cars hiden in their garage, drifted around the track and we went on a convoy to dataran and Ipod i mean Ipoh Padang. After that its party time at RUMS it was a FOAM party and everyone got so wet and foamy I had the fun of my life, everyone was there its like a small reunion thingy and goshhh I can say everyone was WEEETTTT and rubbin each other with foam. Rums was packed and J1 is bacckkk for the night i mean DJ J1 we talked for a while and he's at Poppy now ): thank gawd i'll be in KL now *smiles widely* music was awesomely awesome as usla when J1 spins the table in the end we got back home at 5am and i got 2 hours of sleep. After 2 hours i got up and went to work the last day of work and as usual the tradition of being a lifeguard you'll be tied up on the spinal board and soaked into the hot spring and i got my fringe cut so now its kinda retarded thanks to Mr.Rizal 103 a.k.a the supervisor and the others who often times pushed me into the pool cause they cant stand seeing my hair spiking up high :p

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