Saturday, August 27, 2005

VaCaTiOn~!!... 2nd DaY!!

yeahhh..its da 2nd day...well,i went to hav breakfast with me 2 broz with d church worker...she's kewl mannn...haha..
okayz, after breackfast, me got picked up my Cason n he send me 2 Kelana Jaya's LRT station..from there me go 2 KLCC 2 meet sum1 again (da same person) was me 1st time travelin alone in d LRT..haha it was fun man..we both watched mewies,hangin around KLCC n most bestest of all is d mannn...da park was superb mann...cant tell u more details...wanna know more ask me...muahaha!!!

after me in KLCC me went back 2 da bus while goin back 2 Sunway, me met Suit Lin!!! wahhh wut a coincedence we chit chat in da bus like nobody's business...muahaha...she asked me whether me wanna join her n her gang which is sum of d Youth Alive's forumers....wahh i said cna can can can!!!....da location was in Sunway Pyramid...when me reached, me was suprised 2 c dem..hehe...we joke around n makan di Mc D..muahaha!!!


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