Monday, October 22, 2007

Exams are finally over!! wooh0o0o0o!!!!
work was great, except for sunburns.stoopid lah..somebody commented im Mr.Rajan's ( son..HAHA..dumb ass.i need my ori skin colour back need to be sexy.HAHAH.=p
currently listening to Peter Pan's songs =)
jiwang jiwang...
and reading about Yakuza (some biggest gang in Japan)
and these days the stupid climate driving me crazy, ahhhhh..raining non stop..stoopid rain..
rain rain go away come again next year.LOL.
oh yeah, during work, Kishen keep borring my phone to take pics of himself..POSER ASS! haha..and he dragged me along to pose pose..=P
got to start planning my holidays already.HAHAHA..wheeee..

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