Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Bloody Pick-Pocket-er
Lost my wallet yesterday while taking my bag in the sku hall after 1st period of exams.
damn it..it got stolen by some !@#$%^& hahaha..useless lifeless fella.=)
didn't have any money for recess, Mr.Rajan a.k.a Black gave me some $$ to eat and so is some of me friends.ahhh what are friends for ai?..=)
hope the bugger stole my wallet lost his arse or something.hahaha!
dang, there wasn't much $$ inside but sentimental value which is priceless all GONE.dang. told mom bout it when i got home from sku, mom said, "thats why lah, wear your pants so low sumore lah, until cant feel ppl touch your butt and take ur wallet,luckily i didnt let you hold the readl ic if not have to pay 300 laaaa"
my pants are not lowwww laaa..=p eeeeeeeeeee

Been saving $$ to get this cream high cut Converse with orange lining.oh man!!
whenever i'll go the Yik Foong mall, i'll look that preety lil thang..staring at me " come on come on..you know you wanna get me...buy meeeee buy meeeeeeeeeeeee...im preetyyyyyy" HAHHA..
RM109 bucks!...ahh aint got the caasshhhh $$$...
just lost my wallet..sighhh
i so love Converse!!

ahhhh...tmr's my 2nd last day of my finals.after tmr will be having a week plus of Raya break, and then a day of exams then its all OVERR!!! =DDD
stress stress,..
moto during exams, " A coffee a day keeps you awake from your dumb dumb sleepy head"

MOM almost banged a policeman!! HAHAHAAHA!!!
the policeman was whistling with his whistle while controlling the traffic and mom turned the stering too much to the left and almost banged that policeman.hahaha!! dumb policeman standing on the middle of the road.=p
the policeman stared at mom, mom just went pass him while smiling.HAHAAH!!
i was laughing in the car.

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