Wednesday, October 31, 2007

And i think its gonna be over..
yeah, thats is what programmed in my head right now. i think its over.
i've tried. i guess love aint on my side. i dont know.
well, guess this is life uh.
i just dont know.
so yeah. no matter what, i'll stand by you. and will love u.
you know its funny when ur down and ur trying to find something to fill in that sorrowness it just hitted you back double portion. like just now i was watching that 70's show, basicly its a comedy but turns out the episode im watching its about break ups. not one episode but three. so yeah. and the songs on the radio, well they're just some sad songs played.
well, to be honest, its the worst feeling of my life and yeah, we all got to go through it somehow or rather. well, just hope and pray for a mirale on this one and let everything be great and run smoothly like how it used to be. wish i could turn back time. and now im bowing on my knees begging for forgiveness and love. you're my greatest love and i love you.

things we went through suddenly flashing in my head. all the goods and the bads.
and our special moments. and even when im down u'r still there for me picking me up and holding my hand continuing the race together and finish it with victory. our weaknesses we try to overcome by advising each other and tears of joy and sorrowness flows pouring out love.
sacrifices made, punishment by parents, oh yeah, think back bout it,its funny and yeah it made us strong. the night on the bed spending texting each other while the radio plays it part and fell asleep everytime she fell sleepy.and every morning, morning wake up text will be recieved.
sweet moments on the rooftop of a famous shopping mall will be always in my head.
witout any means of communication facilities, old school ways was used by writing letter. and small gifts passed to a middle person. oh how exciting when it was delivered. sweet memories at the house. spending time with her on the afternoons, was just simply sweet. ups and downs, thicks and thins, mountain after mountain conquered, still she stands strong holding my hand never letting go. is the radio to be listen everynight on our beds. thinking or each other. hitting the mall on a date, his shoelace keeps untie, she tied it for me tightly witout any complains instead out of love, "next time tie properly lah" she said. there are more to these, its not even half of it. the love is too content. the undying love keeps burning, the heart is calling out her name ,and 3 words is declared, i love you.

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