Sunday, November 04, 2007

Its been a great whole 7 months with you.
Ups and downs, mountain over mountain conqured, yet without doubt I have never stop loving you.
You've been my only one in my heart and will be for eternity.
7 months will be wasted if the love stopped just like that.
all these while, you've been a pleasing and great companion which non can compare.
never will i forget the moments spent with you nor good or bad.
you've tought me lessons bout life and nothing can pay back what you've done for me.
making me realising what life is all about.
a good teacher as well as a good life partner.
never in my life have ever felt this before.
so loved,
so secure.
the blanket of the cold nights coverred my body,
the textbook of my studies,
the oxygen that i breath. =)
nothing can change how i feel for you.
tsunamiie, earth quake, flood,volcano erruption,when my house got no water, no electricity, when my wallet got stolen, when i woke up at the wrong side of the bed, when i got sunburns like anything, when i got nothing to eat at home except maggi me tomyam flavour, when my exam results are bad, when there's nothing to watch on tv except barney and even the whole world is turning up side down still i'll stand by you,
offering my hands to you picking you up from the ground and say, its alright, be strong cause im here for you and will never let you go.
though the heart is yearning, calling out your name right now hoping for a miracle would happen and hoping that things might be back to how it's used to be, the heart will never fail to stay strong and say i love you.
thank you for everything. its been a great ride and life is all about expecting the unexpectable as its gonna get interesting.
Happy 7th month anniversary Baby.

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