Thursday, November 08, 2007

Life sucks life suckssss...that phrase been in my head for 2 weeks till now...aaaaaaaahhhh..
the Deva you all know might just have change, takes tim for him to you know, chill and get things back to the way it used to dont be suprise when u see dat jollly molly thing thang bla bla ble ble blu blu deva aint as dumb as lat time.=)
cause things changed. (results may vary)

Been missing all the school friendss..ahhh..
yobs..munyee.kumara.clearence.daph.steph.jyi choong.waihin.dhong dhong.etc etc etccc...ahhhhh..the gang i started hangging with when i wasssss in form 3.=)
all the fun..all the bday celebration..and free cakes.HAHA!

moving on...
a very very big thank you to the friends who called me during my "zaman kejatuhan" (falling ages) who comforted me..gave some advise...cared for me...etc YOUU!!....
Jessie a.k.a Dick && Finian, all the way from the east side.
Amelia && Joy, all the way not too far, from KL =)
Charis from Penang.haha! (curi2 online, webcaming middle of the morning)
Tracy, all the way from ipoh garden.(ipoh) =p
and the stupidest annoying always emo friend michelle from hong kong.haha.really appreciate all your advise and scoldings. =)
and the others who texted and msn and talked to me..ahhh cant tahnk you enough.=)

ahhhhh...last saturday was the best rugby game ive ever played.
was the man of the match! hehee..well i let it all out on the field.
ah but still our school got 4th placing in the state.
came back with an almost broken neck with whole body achingg.LOL.
thank God i was still able to go to church the next day.

DOnt knoeee...
well, i feel so lost right noww...
its the feeling where ur in a black empty hole and u dot know what to do..
ahh and all u can think of is life sucks..

and i love her....
and the feeling i had for her is still in me and dont think it will ever be replaced.
so yeah.. shitty??..NO!.
i still love her.<3
and hope things will be alright.
and you know, when things calm down and stuff, hope it will be back to how it used to be,
cause right now, deva's so dead without life.haha.
byebye bloggie..
byebye people..
and happy deepavalie to all who're celebrating and not celebrating, happy holidays and go wish ur indian friends laaaaaaa.=)

p/s : ahh might just not blog for a very long time..vacation mahhh..=)
a far far away long long journey to enjoy my vacation =)

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